Trichologist Consultation

Trichologist is a specialist who examines and treats hair. What problems require a mandatory consultation trihologa?

Hair loss

The list of reasons why patients turn to trichologists is headed by hair loss.Intensive, and most importantly, long hair loss – a serious reason to be on the alert. Especially if the cause of the fallout is not obvious. When should you go to the doctor?
  • if the hair began to fall much more than usual.
  • If this problem bothers you for several months.
  • more than 100-120 hairs fall daily.
  • the density of the hair has decreased noticeably.
  • bald patches appeared, bald patches became visible.
  • You changed shampoo and other hair care products several times.
  • popular folk remedies that you used during several months, do not yield any results.
  • There are other hair problems – severe dryness, brittleness, split ends.
If hair loss is not treated too long, you can skip the precious time. Hair loss can become pathological (this phenomenon is called alopecia) and can lead to baldness.


A serious reason for trichological consultation with a specialist is dandruff. As a rule, it is extremely difficult to cure yourself. Oily or dry dandruff in combination with severe itching is most often a manifestation of such a serious dermatological disease as seborrhea. Seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis require detailed diagnosis and long-term treatment of the underlying disease that has caused them to appear, in order to obtain a persistent improvement and get rid of dandruff. You need to go to a specialist if there is a lot of dandruff, it is accompanied by severe itching, they bother you for a long time, self-medication and shampooing do not work.

Hair is very bad, grows slowly

The causes of this problem can be hidden in diseases of internal organs or disorders of the hormonal background. If hair growth has slowed, especially if it does not occur in separate areas of the scalp, it is worth consulting with a doctor. Perhaps, hair grows poorly because of genetic factors. It is possible that the body lacks the necessary vitamins or trace elements, which are necessary for hair to grow faster.

The hair is very fragile and brittle, strongly split at the ends or along the entire length

At the same time regular haircut and good care does not help improve the condition of the hair. Shevelura looks deplorable, and no noticeable results are given either by professional hair cosmetics or folk masks and lapping, recipes of which are passed from mouth to mouth. It is important to remember that it takes a lot of time to solve any hair problem. Typically, you need at least three to four months to make your hair restoration efforts bear fruit, and the condition of the strands has improved noticeably. If after half a year of regular restorative care the condition of the head of hear is still not pleasing, it is worth consulting with the trichologist.

Along with the study of hair and hair follicles, the trichologist at “KindCare” will determine the problems of the scalp and prescribe the necessary procedures for their removal – ozonotherapy, mesotherapy, plasmolifting, etc. These procedures purify the skin of dead cells, help remove toxins and toxins from tissues and not only stimulate hair growth, but also help to solve problems such as oily skin and dandruff (seborrhea).

It is such a complex, individual, professional approach that provides the optimal results of hair treatment in “Medical Center in Dubai”, which begins with the consultation of a highly qualified trichologist.

Consultation trihologa in “KindCare” is the guarantee of the most rapid achievement of really successful, persistent and long-term results – stopping hair loss, stimulating the growth of new hair, increasing the density, improving the structure and appearance of the hair.