Q: What is Tuina?

Tuina is an ancient modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been practiced in China for over 4,000 years. It is a form of Chinese massage and is used for giving special treatments to people of all ages, from infancy to old age . The name comes from two of the actions: tui means “to push” and na means “to lift and squeeze”.

In Tui Na Massage a rhythmic compression techniques are used along different energy channels of the body to establish harmonious flow of the energy (Qi) throughout the body and bringing it back to balance. The muscles and tendons are massaged with the help of hands, and an acupressure technique is applied to directly affect the flow of the energy Qi at different acupressure points of the body, thus facilitating the healing process.

Q: How Tui Na works?

A typical session of Tui Na massage is around thirty minutes. The session timings may vary depending on the patient’s needs and condition. The best part of the therapy is that it relaxes as well as energizes the patient. – The greatest advantage of Tui Na is that it focuses on maintaining overall balance with both physical and mental health.

When your Qi energy flow is balanced, you feel energetic which affects your emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical well being. Tui Na does not simply work on the muscles, bones, and joints. It works with the energy of the body at a deeper level.

Q: Is it necessary to combine Tui Na with Acupuncture?

In some cases as for treatment of disc hernia, we use Tui Na to relax the muscle by using the osteopathy skill to straight the disc before we apply the acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture and Tui Na therapy are the alternative choice for those disc hernia patients who don’t want surgery.

Q: What is Pediatric Tuina?

It has been extensively practiced in China for at least 700 years and experience has revealed unique ways and means of affecting the energy flow in the bodies of young children. Pediatric Tuina is found very effective for infants & children from one month to 10 years old.

All illnesses are the result of disturbance to the normal flow of the energy Qi. Tui Na can restore this flow to treat the most common health problems of young children: Teething, Colic, Restlessness, Bedwetting, Colds, Convulsions ,Etc.

According to the characteristics of children’s physiology and pathology, a different combination of massage, acupressure and other forms of body manipulation are designed to boost the function of the internal organs by balancing their intrinsic energies, strengthening the immune system, and promoting brain development.

Q: What happens during the session?

Before the massage, a diagnosis will be done and your child’s history and lifestyle will be recorded. Typically before the start of the session, the child will be required to expose the affected parts of the body. A towel will be used to cover these parts to prevent your child from catching a cold. Each session is usually between 15 to 30 minutes or less, depending on the techniques used and the duration for each point. The duration of treatment can vary according to your child’s age, physical body condition and type of illness.


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