Herbal Decoctions or herbal extracts is the most common form of administration of Chinese herbal medicine. Decoctions are absorbed quickly thus very effective & have strongest action with no or few side effects. The formula to prepare decoctions varies in accordance with the clinical need, seasonal conditions, local conditions & patient individuality. Decoctions are prepared in balanced combinations of herbs to create a new therapeutic agent that can treat much more effectively compared to the action of single herb.

Traditional Chinese Medicine not only  aims the use of decoctions to prevent & treat diseases, also used  for Detox. Individualized Herbal Decoctions are prepared depending on the toxicity in body, patient health, any symptoms along with person body type.TCM uses natural herbs & processes products including plant products, animal drugs, mineral drugs & some chemical & biological drugs by making them into decoction.

Detoxification using herbal remedies is an age old practice, if your body is not independently eliminating toxins efficiently natural herbs for detoxifying can be beneficial . Toxins in TCM are considered “Heat” generally, and many of the herbs used to clear Heat are cold herb. A well thought out natural herbal body detoxification program can be safe, effective and beneficial. Some herbs used in Chinese herbal decoctions act as blood cleansers as well.


  • Removing  toxic substance
  • Improve digestive  system
  • Harmonizing  circulatory  system
  • Promoting  blood flow for regulating menstruation (for  irregular  menstruation)
  • Relieving  rigidity of muscles and activating collaterals
  • Removing  blood stasis for promoting tissue regeneration
  • Inducing  diuresis ( excessive production of urine ) for removing edema
  • Eliminating dampness and arresting leucorrhea
  • Moistening  lung for removing phlegm  (respiratory  system)
  • Moistening  lung for arresting cough
  • Resolving   stagnation for tranquilization
  • Warming   channel for stopping bleeding
  • Relieving oppression and masses
  • Consolidating exterior for arresting sweating
  • Removing  swelling
  • Removing  blood stasis and expelling pus
  • Nourishing  blood and promoting granulation
  • Promoting  lactation for resolving carbuncle
  • Resolving  exterior pathogenic  factors  dispelling pathogenic  factor to promote eruption
  • Strengthening  resistance to relieve exterior syndrome (ex.infection)
  • Dispelling  pathogenic factors for improving eyesight
  • Improving  hearing
  • strengthening teeth
  • Improve overall wellbeing and so on.