Massage Therapy for Adults


Therapeutical & Relaxation

1. Swedish Massage

A light to moderate pressure massage to relax the body, enhance the blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation, decrease stress and muscle tension.

2. Balinese Massage

It is a medium to firm pressure massage with aroma therapy, involves techniques of acupressure and reflexology to reduce spasm and stress.

3. Deep Tissue Massage

A firm pressure massage using thumb, forearm and elbow which focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and helps to reduce blood pressure, chronic pain, muscle soreness, tightness and spasms.

4. Hot Stone Massage

Volcanic lava stones which are pre-heated and massage over the body, helps to ease the deeper muscle tension, improve the blood circulation and relax the body.

5. Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage

The soothing nature of the sound of singing bowls draws our focus and quiets your mind, reduce problem that cause daily stress, worries and anxiety.

6. Dry Floatation Massage with Jets

Instant relaxation treatment with warm floating bed and jets to feel weightlessness while keeping you totally dry, reduce muscle pain, relax the mind and body.

7. Back Massage

Light to deep strokes with warm oil focused on muscles in the area of the back between the shoulder and the hips, helpful for those who suffer from muscle tension, chronic back pain, improve posture, flexibility and relaxation.

8. Neck & Shoulder Massage

Upper back massage helps to release the tension from occipital area and scapula, reduce knots, relieve from migraines and improve the functioning of lymph system.

9. Reflexology with Foot Treatment

Focuses on the ‘trigger’ points on the feet, which target internal organs and general health, prevent migraine, eliminate toxins, stimulate central nervous system, reduce depression, insomnia and boost blood circulation.

10. Face Massage

Medicated herbal balm helps to glow and tone the face, gives relaxation, rejuvenation, promotes blood circulation, reduce wrinkles, release tension and headache.

Slimming & Tightening

Visible Results

1. Herbal Powder Massage

Anti-cellulite massage with herbal medicated powder to improve metabolism, reduce the fat and weight loss. It is a natural exfoliation and body sculpting.

2. Medicated Swedana with Slimming Herbs

Improves metabolism, eliminates cellulite, fat becomes liquefied and removed along with other toxins from the body. It is a healthy way to lose weight.

3. Weight Reduction & Skin Tightening

Wrap combined with ultrasound cavitation technology, 99% pure Oxygen infusion into the body with lymphatic massage which leaves immediate effect and visible result.

4. Collagen Stimulation & Skin Tightening

RF technology and anti–ageing wrap followed by 99% pure Oxygen infusion into the body with lymphatic massage gives outstanding result.

Exclusive for Mom 2 Be

Safe And Natural

1. Scalp Massage & Hair Treatment

Helps to reduce the tension, anxiety, improve sleep level. Massage with eucalyptus oil and neem wrap will nourish the scalp, strengthens hair and relax the mind.

2. Mom 2 Be Massage

Balance the energy level, prevent the stretch marks, edema, pain and discomfortability during pregnancy. The treatment offers good mood and relaxation.

3. Mom 2 Be Ritual 100% Organic

Body exfoliation, mask along with dry floatation bed relaxes mother and fetus. 99% pure Oxygen infusion soothe, balance hormonal level and refresh the body. Lymph drain massage prevent leg cramps and lymphedema.

4. Advanced Facial for Mom 2 Be

A facial with Diamond Microdermabrasion and 99% pure Oxygen infusion helps to soothe and rebalance.

Post Natal Recovery

1. Abhyangam

Full body massage given to the postpartum after a week from delivery. It helps to reduce stretch marks, improve the circulation, uterus contraction, reshape the body, improve sleep, reduce swelling and balance the hormone level.

2. Kashaya Dhara

Pouring of medicated decoction in a continuous stream for full body or forehead. It helps to reduce the alleviating fatigue, insomnia and depression.

Face & Body Treatments

Pure Organic Product

1. Face Ritual Treatment

Facial prevent signs of age and rejuvenate the skin using Diamond Microdermabrasion, 99% Oxygen infusion into the face and the Lymph drain massage reduce the impurity, dark circles around the eyes and improve complexion.

2. Face Marma Massage

Balances the energy level and senses, stimulating the vital points. The herbal balm rejuvenate the skin, balance the moisture and reduce impurities.

3. Anti Cellulite & Contouring

Diamond Microdermabrasion and anti-cellulite wrap with dry floating jet massage followed by 99% Oxygen infusion into the body and Lymphatic massage. All these reduce cellulite, contours and shapes the body.

4. Firming Signature

Mixed herbal steam with anti-ageing wrap followed by Diamond Microdermabrasion and 99% Oxygen infusion into the body together with Lymph drain massage helps to firm, tight and improve the elasticity of skin.

5. Neem Detox & Healing

Mixed medicated steam and wrap followed by Diamond Micro dermabrasion with 99% Oxygen infusion into the body together with Lymph drain massage. It soothe and heal the skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, acne etc.

6. Body Scrub

The removal of dead skin cells helps to open the pores and removes body impurities, leaving you feeling fresh and your skin looking rejuvenated and revitalized.

Ayurveda & Panchakarma

5000 Years of Natural Healing

1. Consultation with Ayurvedic Physician

Diagnose, treats and prevents disease by providing personalized medicine and treatments.

2. Abhyangam (Rejuvenation Massage)

A full body massage focus on maximum penetration of herbal oils and release of muscular tension, pain, relax and ringing sense of well being to the body.

3. Shirodhara

Deep relaxation treatment with medicated oil dipping over the forehead in a continuous stream, relieving depression, reduce stress and improve sleep level.

4. Elakizhi

A direct pain relieving treatment done by medicated herbal bolus dipping in medicated oil and applying over the body to reduce muscle spasm and rheumatoid arthritis.

5. Udwarthanam

Anti–obesity & anti-cellulite massage with fat burning medicated paste. It dissolves and removes excess fat, improve the metabolism and tone the skin.

6. Nasyam (Panchakarma)

Administration of medicated oil through nose which is preceded by face massage and herbal steam inhalation. It accumulates toxins from sinuses, head and neck region.

7. Sneha Vasthi (Panchakarma)

Medicated oil enema is used to prevent colon degeneration, it causes colon detoxification and helps to flush out all the toxins and reduces number of chronic disease.

8. Virechanam (Panchakarma)

A component of detoxification treatment in which a person takes oral medication that purifies the stomach and induces purgation to flush out body toxins.

9. Pizhichil

Pouring of pleasant warm herbal oil all over the body in a rhythmic manner with simultaneous gentle massage that gives relaxation, rejuvenation, good for rheumatic problems, osteoarthritis, insomnia & boost the libido.

10. Njavarakizhi

Treatment with medicated rice bolus, milk and decoction. Excellent to treat spondilitis and arthritis. It helps to cure muscle wasting and rejuvenates the body.

11. Pada Abhyanga

Herbal oil massage for feet, legs and knees focusing on reflex points. It helps to maintain or restore proper functioning of all parts of the body including internal organs.

12. Pichu

A thick cotton cloth soaked in warm medicated oil and apply into the concerned area followed by a mild massage. It is good for chronic inflammations, joint disorders etc.

13. Kati Vasthi / Uro Vasthi / Greeva Vasthi / Janu Vasthi / Siro Vasthi

Medicated warm oil keeping in body parts like lower back, chest, neck, knees and head with a circular ridge for a specific period of time to treat chronic pain and head ache.

14. Nethrasekam

Process of cleaning the eyes using medicated decoction, reduce strain from the eyes, relieves dry eyes, conjunctivitis, helps to improve vision and soothe the eyes.

15. Nethra Tharpanam

An eye treatment to improve the vision, soothe the eyes and surrounded tissues as well. This treatment done mainly for cataract, irritated and sore eyes.

16. Chakra Balancing Head Massage

It balances the chakras and replace the lack of positive energy, relieve the stress, insomnia and migraines.

17. Indian Ayurvedic Head Massage

Warm medicated oil massage which supports the nervous system, improve sleep and hair growth.

18. Medicated Swedana with Mixed Herbs

Effective therapy helps in eliminating toxins by stimulating sweat glands, improving blood circulation, reduces water retention and improves immunity system.

19. Uzhichil

Full body firm massage with warm medicated oil, it helps to reduce the blood pressure, spasms, stiffness and body pain. It increases the vitality and strength.

20. Naranga Kizhi

Swedana therapy done with bolus comprising lemon slices, rock salt and herbal powders. Indicated for frozen shoulder, cervical muscle spasms, muscle stiffness, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and spondylosis.

21. Kashaya Dhara

De-stress treatment mainly indicated for insomnia, alleviating fatigue, burning sensation in the head & eyes, skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. It can be done on the forehead or for the whole body according to the diseases.

22. Pada Dhara

Pouring and dipping feet in the herbal decoction for heal pain and pain associated with Calcaneal Spur.

23. Lepam

Medicated herbal paste applied on the affected area for skin irritation, swelling and joint pain.