Best Pediatrician Doctor in Dubai


KindCare Medical Center has Best Pediatrician Doctor in Dubai plays an important role in providing complete and skilled care, monitoring and treatment for children in their early years. Infants and children are at higher risk for many diseases, infections, and other health problems because they are more vulnerable during the first stages of their lives. This is why a pediatrician takes responsibility for your child’s health from the time they are born.

A pediatrician is a doctor who will always be with you for a long time, as he or she is the one who helps children deal with most problems. A pediatrician is a doctor, a consultant, and even a mentor for parents. The work of the pediatrician largely depends on the healthy, proper and full development of children. This is the doctor who from birth cares not only about the mental but also the physical health of your child.

Our Clinic provides high-quality and comprehensive care for your child from birth through adolescence. Our licensed and highly trained pediatrician has extensive experience in treating and managing children.

KindCare Medical Center not only provides routine checkups using state-of-the-art equipment but also the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of critical diseases and conditions affecting children. Our comprehensive surveillance methods will ensure early detection of both minor and serious illnesses to improve your child’s future health.

Diagnostic Tests

Effective Help for Children

Children tend to get sick more often than adults. There are times when parents need to act quickly and decisively without panicking. That is why it is so important to have a doctor monitor the condition of a small patient. In this case, a trip to the clinic can turn into a real challenge, especially if the child is still young. Specially for such situations KindCare Medical Center provides an opportunity to call a pediatrician at home. The specialist will arrive at a time convenient for you and will make an examination in the same way as in the clinic.

Only with us the Medical Team is fully equipped to diagnose and treat all urgent health conditions of your child.

Medication therapy is the most common and effective method of treatment of pediatric diseases with the use of medications. After examination and diagnosis of the disease by a pediatrician, the patient is prescribed a local or general medication for effective recovery and treatment of various childhood diseases. Drug therapy can be prescribed as the main method of treatment or as part of a comprehensive therapeutic plan.

Regular comprehensive check-ups for children up to one year of age and beyond are a necessity to help parents raise a healthy baby. A routine preventive checkup for your child in KindCare Medical Center will help to identify predisposition to the particular pathology and prevent its development, to identify existing diseases and timely prescribe their treatment, to identify abnormalities in development and take measures to eliminate them.

Consultation is performed by experienced pediatricians who will timely identify any abnormalities in development and do everything necessary for your baby to grow up healthy. We have a strong diagnostic base and an established system of interaction with patients, which allows us to carry out all necessary measures within one day.

Vaccination plays a big role in the fight against infectious diseases. Vaccination is the only effective way to protect a child from dangerous infections. To date, vaccination is the most effective way to prevent epidemiologic diseases in children. At KindCare Medical Center, highly qualified pediatricians perform vaccination of children within the terms and according to the scheme corresponding to the National Calendar of Preventive Vaccinations. We use the highest quality, certified and safe vaccines.

Vaccination of children is the best way to their health!

Physiotherapy treatments have found wide application in pediatrics. At different age stages, a child needs comprehensive pediatric physiotherapy to eliminate possible risks and to help them develop properly. At KindCare Clinic, this therapy is offered by pediatricians as an alternative to classical drug treatment or surgical intervention. Physiotherapy gives good results in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, GI organs, frequent colds, acute respiratory infections, cardiovascular system support, improving the immune system, etc.

Children's massage is not only the prevention of various diseases, but also a way to treat the child and help in its development. Massage movements increase brain activity (due to the reflectory effect), contribute to the proper development of the musculoskeletal system, improve blood circulation and thereby enrich the cells of the body with oxygen, normalize muscle tone. Physiological processes occurring in the child's body are activated. This ensures the child's well-being and mood.

Massage is recommended by a pediatrician to every baby as a preventive measure and in the presence of various pathologies, such as congenital dislocation, hypertonus, cerebral palsy, hip dysplasia, neurological disorders and others.

The use of ozone therapy (ozone-oxygen mixture) in pediatrics is a highly effective non-medication method of prevention and treatment of central nervous system lesions, encephalopathy of various origins (perinatal hypoxia, birth traumas, consequences of infectious diseases), cerebral palsy, increase immunity in frequent colds, treatment of obstructive bronchitis, bronchial asthma, correction of functional disorders of the intestine (colic), elimination of intestinal dysbacteriosis, etc.

An IV (intravenous drip infusion) is a procedure designed to provide emergency care, especially important when a child is involved. Infusion therapy has a wide range of possibilities and alleviates the child's condition in case of dehydration, severe vomiting and diarrhea, refusal of food and drink, anemia, impaired cerebral circulation, intoxication of the body and many other conditions

The procedure does not take much time, and usually does not cause painful sensations to the child.