Rectal Insufflation

Rectal insufflations is recommended to be done after cleaning out the colon using colonic/enema. As the body detoxifies, the colon should be clean so that the toxins are eliminated and not reabsorbed.

The insufflations can be done with a simple catheter and syringe or with a catheter with a continuous flow through the generator. A soft abdominal massage is given to the patient to make sure that the gas does not get stuck in one area.

The gas is absorbed through the intestinal walls during rectal insufflations into the bloodstream. Blood is being oxygenated. As the bad bacteria are oxidized, Candida and yeast in the large intestine may form a lot of gases and some pressure will build up. Better be near to a WC because the release might be very sudden! Fresh vegetables (row) and drinking a lot of water will help flush out the waste from the intestines.