About Dr. Lamberto

Dr. Lamberto Re was born in Ancona, Italy. 1973 - 1983 Student in the Pharmacological Department of the University of Ancona, Medical School. He has completed Medical Doctor's Degree in 1983.

He was the Professor of the Medical Faculty and Professor of "Pharmacological Biotechnology" and “Pharmacology” in the Science Faculty of the University of Ancona. Expert of basic experimental techniques in Pharmacology such as in-vitro assays and in-vivo experimental Toxicology.

After a first approach to Herbal Medicine and Natural Medicine, started in the year 1993 his interest in the field of Ozone Therapy. He investigated with basic and clinical studies the characterization of the mechanisms of action of ozone-oxygen mixtures. Doctor has published in the year 1999 a first basic work that demonstrated a modulating effect on the intracellular calcium induced by low doses of ozone.

Since that time he was engaged in a full-time research and clinical activities acquiring extensive experience in the field of the treatment with oxygen ozone mixtures. He is nowadays recognized as one of the highest international expert in the field of ozone therapy.

Professor and Lecturer on Ozone Therapy and its Medical Uses in Sport and other pain related disorders performed Courses in the USA (Phil Mollica ODS Center January 2008) and in Dubai (CAM service of Minister of Health, 2005-2008).

  • Dr. Lamberto Re published more than 75 articles in his career.
  • Member of the Italian Pharmacological Society since 1978;
  • Member of the Latino American Society of Natural and Traditional Medicine since 1994;
  • Member of the Italian Medical Ozone Association since November 1999;
  • Member of the Italian Federation of Ozone (FIO) was included since 2005 in the Scientific Committee of the same Society;
  • Member of the AEPROMO Spanish Association since 2008;
  • Member of the ISCO3 Board since its Foundation in 2010. Resigned in date April 2014
  • Honorary Member of SOVEOT, Venezuelan Society of Ozone Therapy since April 2011.
  • Member and Chairman Scientific Committee WFOT since 2015.

Conditions Treated:

  • Acne, allergies (hypersensitivity), anal fissure, herpes (simplex and zoster), radiation scars/treatment, fungal diseases, cellulites, psoriasis.
  • Crohn diseases, cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, constipation, gastro-intestinal disorders, circulatory disturbances / Stroke, glaucoma, hypercholesterolemia, mucous colitis, sinusitis, Gastriti, Stipsi Ostinate.
  • Circulatory disturbances, cystitis.
  • Migraine, Parkinson’s disease, depression, neurovascular diseases.
  • Caries and cavity infections, chirurgical disinfection, inflammatory diseases, periodontal disease, stomatitis.
  • Radiculopathy diseases, hernia disc, join rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar disc herniation, cervical disc herniation.
  • Bartonella infections, bacteria and protozoa infections, mycosis, Vaginal inflammations.
  • Adjuvant in AIDS, asthma.
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish