Micro-Current Reflexotherapy

Micro-Current ReflexologyMicro-Current Reflexotherapy is effective method of treatment, that demonstrates high efficiency in the process of restoring the children’s condition, who have been diagnosed with developmental delay due to neuro-psychiatric diseases.

Treatment with this method is carried out according to an individual scheme drawn up after examination on the modern digital hardware-software complex diagnostic device.

While conducting the MICROCURRENT REFLEXOTHERAPY, ultra-low electrical impulses are used that are applied to various biologically active points and areas to restore the patient's own normal functioning of the brain, spinal cord and muscles.

MICRO-CURRENT REFLEXOTHERAPY uses super low electrical impulses, the strength of which is equal to the physiological impulses that in the central nervous system, that helps in normalization of the brain activity. These impulses recover healthy development of neurons, induce them to grow new processes (axons and dendrites), stimulate formation of synapses and accelerate the incoming and transferred data processing.

This therapy is for neurological issues centers around detoxifying the entire body as well as putting the mind in the proper ‘state’. Our brain operates at different wavelengths depending on what state we are in. When we are awake and alert, we are in the “beta” stage. When we are stressed or anxious, we are operating in the higher beta frequencies. When we are in a highly relaxed, meditative state, we are in “alpha”. When we are dreaming, we are in “theta”, and when we are in deep sleep, we are in “delta”. Microcurrent sessions help regulate these brainwave patterns by putting the brain into these states artificially, thus training the brain to independently transition into these states more easily and effectively.

Microcurrent Reflexotherapy Features:

1. The therapeutic effect is on pharmacopuncture and neuroreflex zones.
2. The impact is ultra-small electric pulses of constant alternating current do not exceed the norms.
3. The effect is not invasive, almost painless.
4. It's possible to use this method starting from 6 months of age, since previously the skin is considered not formed to exert an electrophysiological effect on it.
5. Convulsive readiness is not a contraindication. Patients with a high level of convulsive readiness did not experience an increase in convulsive paroxysms as a result of the course of treatment.
6. If the child has convulsive seizures, treatment is carried out against the background of the previously prescribed anticonvulsant drug, before the start of treatment, EEG is performed, pharmacopuncture treatment in the projection of foci of epileptic activity is not carried out.
7. Also, good compatibility with drug therapy, exercise therapy and physiotherapy methods such as Ozone Therapy, Massage, Mud Applications, Immersion Therapy (Dry Floating), Herbal Decoction, Phyto Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Ayurvedic Destress.

Micro-Current Reflexothereapy
Micro-Current Reflexothereapy

The essence of the method is as follows:

As a result, physiological dominants arise in the neuronal networks of the central nervous system and the work of the centers of the nervous system responsible for various functions and pathological syndrome complexes is selectively stabilized. So, for example, in the treatment of spastic conditions, the therapeutic effect is on various levels of the central nervous system:

1. A local relaxing effect is directly on the muscle fiber itself, through reflex atriggerization.
2. Segmental reflex effect is on spinal cord motor neurons.
3. The distal reflex activating effect is on the motor zone of the cerebral cortex.

Therapeutic Effect

The Therapeutic Effect is on reflexogenic zones located in various parts of the skin with ultra-small electric pulses. Microcurrent therapy in infants with torticollis appears more effective in improving TA and RR and shows better therapeutic compliance than traditional therapy.

Kids with Special Needs

Contraindications for Micro-Current Reflexotherapy are:

1. Acute infectious diseases.
2. Malignant neoplasms of any localization.
3. Chronic somatic diseases in the stage of decompensation.
For each nosological unit, a specific set of reflexogenic zones was identified and clinically tested.

Special Kid

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Micro-Current Reflexotherapy is efficient for most patients with perceptible results. Micro-Current Reflexotherapy is a learning process; therefore results are seen gradually over time. In about fifteen sessions you will already feel an improvement of your complaints. Most patients meet their treatment goals in 20 sessions, depending on their condition. Each session lasts approximately 30-40 minutes.

Micro-Current Reflexotherapy is FDA approved, and meets the highest criteria for evidence-based Micro-Current Reflexotherapy practice. It has been cross-validated by both PET and MRI, is used by Universities, Medical Centers, the US military, Research Institutes, etc. The hardware and software used for Micro-Current Reflexotherapy in our Medical Center was designed and developed by one of the world leaders in brain research and Micro-Current Reflexotherapy.

While conducting the Micro-Current Reflexotherapy, ultra-low electrical signals are used that are applied to various biologically active points and areas to restore the patient's own normal functioning of the brain, spinal cord and muscles. This treatment is highly safe, effective, painless, non-invasive, natural cure and scientifically proven.

Children and teenagers enjoy Micro-Current Reflexotherapy and react positively to the many benefits it can bring. It calms and relaxes them, helps amplify joy and happiness, calms fears and bewilderment, all of which are emotions that are part of growing up. For the first time in UAE Dr. Timur Kalinichenko, Neurologist & Micro-current Reflexologist providing Micro-Current Reflexotherapy for children at KindCare Medical Center.

One session lasts 30-40 minutes. For many patients 1 course (15 therapy sessions) is sufficient to create lasting improvements. However, depending on the patient, the condition and its severity, more sessions may be necessary to see improved results, and regular follow-up appointments may be needed to maintain results.
*Autism and other globally delayed/affected patients are most positively impacted with 3 or more courses.