About Dr. Timur Kalinichenko

Dr. Timur is Neurologist with more than 12 years of successful professional experience in a large multidisciplinary hospital, He is fluent in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with various diseases of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System (including the intensive care unit)

Dr. Timur, Graduated from the Medical Institute with a degree in General Medicine, continued his studies with a postgraduate education as a Specialist Neurologist at the Altai State Medical University, Russia.

Additional Postgraduate Education Dr. Timur also received at the Novosibirsk State Medical University Russia, with a Specializations in Neurophysiology and Functional Diagnostics.

He can Help you With:

1. EEG-Electroencephalography
2. Quantitative QEEG (Brain Mapping) - in Real Time Mode.
3. Evoked Potentials of the Brain:
   a. Visual Evoked Potentials for a flash of Light.
   b. Visual Evoked Potentials for a reverse chess pattern.
   c. Acoustic Stem Evoked Potentials.
   d. Short-latency Somatosensory EPs.
   e. Long-latency Endogenous Evoked Potentials of the Brain-P300.
4. Nerve Conduction Study (NCS).
5. Electromyography (EMG).
6. Transcranial Ultrasound.
7. Duplex Scanning (Ultrasound).
8. 24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring.
9. Holter Monitoring (ECG Heart Evaluation).
10. Bioresonance Diagnostics.
11. Lumbar Puncture
12. MRI & CT Diagnostics
13. Digital Hearing Screening
14. Digital Vision Screening

Message from Dr. Timur:

Dear Friends, Adults and Children!
My priority as a Physician is not the temporary elimination and relief of Symptoms - I Diagnose and Treat the underlying causes and Mechanisms of the diseases.
Identification of the underlying causes of Neurological Diseases is possible only with the help of Functional and Digital Diagnostics.
I use the best diagnostic equipment, that certainly makes our clinic the Leader in Neurology Field
Dr. Timur offering Consultation and Therapies in Russian & English language.