About Dr. Soofi

Dr. Soofi has more than 20 years of experience as a Consultant Neurologist. After General Medicine studies in Tehran University of Medical Sciences, he has completed Post Graduate Studies in Neurology and Neuromuscular Fellowship from University of Toronto Canada, General Hospital University of Toronto Neurofibromatosis , Neuro-Electrophysiology and Diagnostic Lab.

As Consultant Neurologist he conducted the Neurological Intensive Care unit and stroke unit for in-patient with acute life-threatening neurological diseases.

His wealth of expertise in the Neurological field regarding investigation, treatment and prevention is constantly updated by participation in numerous conferences, lectures and seminars national and international. Dr.Soofi has authored several medical articles in scientific journals and participated as speaker at congresses.

Dr.Soofi special interest is Integrative Neurology approaches by combining Conventional & Alternative Medicine, he is focusing in prevention ,early identifying and treating underlying causes of disease rather than the symptoms.

He has unique therapeutic skills include the New and Exclusive Quantitative Electroencephalography(QEEG) and Neurofeedback, an innovative computer – Brain Mapping and aided training method, to influence consciously self-regulation of brain activity by providing an audio and video feedback signal to improve brain imbalances.

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Languages: English