Bio-Resonance Vega Test

Bio-Resonance Vega Test (BRT) was developed in Germany by the physician H. Schimmel in 1978 that is based on the methods of electropunctural diagnostics. While 250-500 biologically active points are used in the Foll method, in the Bio-Resonance Vega Test only one reproducible biologically active point is used, that is located at the base of the thumbnail of a hand.

The theory of this method, that each product has a different energy structure. To study this structure, it is necessary to create a connecting chain between a person, food and the device.

How does it work?

Reflexotherapist is using an electrode in the form of a pen, lightly pressing on the Biologically Active Point at the base of the thumbnail of one hand and checking the reaction of body's biocurrents. With the other hand, the patient holds a metal tip. Two terminals are connected to the device, completing the circuit. The Device program contains the list of normal frequencies of the food items. But if the new food item appears, special ampoules of food, drinks, and preservatives extracts are placed into a special probe, which is the part of the procedure chain. Data is read on the screen by a scale, which is located on the device itself. The test checks the body's response to various nutrients. If the body is tolerant and digests food well, the scale indications are above certain values. If there is intolerance to the tested food, the data is below these values, that determines the body's sensitivity to various nutrients and the response to them.

This test helps to establish which food is well tolerated -digested, absorbed and converted into energy. Which products are not tolerated - slowly decomposed, not sufficiently absorbed and accumulated into the fatty deposits, slags and toxins.


This examination method gives the doctor a deep analysis of the body and helps:

  • To establish the root cause of diseases
  • To determine the presence of a viral, bacterial, parasitic infection in all organs and systems of the body
  • To establish the cause of the allergic reaction
  • To determine the presence of tumors and a predisposition to their formation
  • To find out the level of intoxication of the body
  • To determine the lack of trace elements and vitamins in the body
  • To identify the state of chronic stress
  • To choose an effective medical treatment

An accurate and early diagnosis of many diseases is carried out with the help of The Bio-Resonance Vega Test, as well as an assessment of the general condition of the body and the functioning of all body systems. In addition, The Bio-Resonance Vega Test helps to determine individual medications that most effectively affect a specific problem of a particular person.