Bio-Resonance Allergy Test

Bio-resonance Allergy test is a quick and easy way to determine the presence of allergens in the body.

It is used for the individual selection of homeopathic and allopathic medicine, identification of allergens and substances that have an undesirable effect on the body (environmental toxins, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry), as well as for recording electronic copies of drugs in the database.

Each organism has its own spectrum of the physiologically - healthy electromagnetic oscillations, that control all metabolic processes in the body. But due to the penetration of poisonous substances, viruses or any another reasons, many sources of disharmonious oscillations appear in the body, which can disturb the balance of the body and lead to illness, if the body cannot cope with them on its own.

How does it Work?

With the help of the electrode Reflexotherapist is lightly pressing on the Biologically Active Point at the base of the thumbnail of one hand and checking the reaction of body's bio-currents. With the other hand, the patient holds a metal tip. The device records healthy waves that the body emits and waves of a pathological nature that arise when the body is unable to cope with the allergen. Then device compares these waves with the list of the allergens, which is located on the device itself, and checks the body's response to various allergens from this list. If the response is positive, means the allergen is detected.

What it can detect?

  • Individual Intolerance to Medications
  • Food Intolerance (Food Allergy)
  • Have a Reaction to Dental Materials and Anesthetics
  • Allergies to Cosmetics, Jewelry and Perfumes
  • Drug Testing

In the case when the medication treatment is indispensable, Bio-resonance Allergy Test allows to determine the lowest dose of the medicine in order to avoid additional side effects from their use.