Aurometry Diagnostic

Aurometry Diagnostic is a computerized electropunctural diagnostics method of the chakras and the aural field of a person, which allows catching the invisible to the eye processes at the energy- informational level. These processes, taking place for a long time in the aura, begin to affect life, health, relationships, career, business, family and many other areas of human life. This study allows analyzing the condition of internal organs from an energy point of view.

How does it work?

Aurometry Diagnostic is performed by using the hardware-software complex, which analyzes the Bio-Resonance characteristics, which are recorded by the device from acupuncture biologically active points (BAP) of the palms. After measuring the calculation and display of an image of the human bio-energetic field (aura) is performed. This method allows the Reflexotherapist to identify defections in the body before the beginning of the disease.

The Main Feature:

With the help of this Diagnostic Method the weakest link in the energy-informational field (aura) of a person is revealed by indicating focus of the pathology. In terms of health this method makes it possible to detect violations a while before, then the first clinical symptoms of the disease appear.

This Diagnostic Method Allows:

  • To identify dysfunctions or disturbances in the human energy centers (chakras)
  • To determine breakdowns and distortions of the field (aura) of a person
  • To determine the places of energy outflow
  • To determine the presence of energy-information blocks
  • To assess the general energy state of the body
  • To identify possible and confirm the observed problem areas on the physical level in the human body
  • To observe the dynamics of changes in the field (aura) of a person during treatment or spiritual practices