Nethra Tharpanam(Eye Treatment)

Netra Tharpanam is a rejuvenation treatment for the eyes. Eyes are bathed in a pure form of medicated ghee for about 2 to 10 minutes. The treatment strengthens the optical nerves, prevents cataract and gives a cooling effect to the eyes. The treatment reduces pain and burning sensation in the eyes. This cures dry eye syndrome and strengthens the eye muscles. This relieves strain on eyes due to computers, driving, late night activities, bright sunlight, welding rays, furnace heat, etc. It is the best treatment for eye ailments such as refractive errors, retinopathies, fatigue, cataract, ptosis, ocular muscle weakness.

Tharpanam is done by retention of medicated fats – ghee is used the most often – on the orbits. Orbits are the two bony sockets on face which accommodate the eye balls. So a leak-proof retention-rim is made around the orbits. Tharpana yanthra is using for this purpose. Then medicated ghee, warmed to liquify, is poured into this yanthra. It is retained there for a prescribed period of time and then drained out.

The ghee (or other medicated fat) is prescribed after proper evaluation of the type and status of the disease. During retention, the patient is prompted to keep the eyes open to the maximum time possible. Once the ghee is drained after the prescribed time, the rim is removed and the skin is mopped to clean with a wet cloth. Mild fomentation of the lids is advised in specific cases. A course of tharpanam may go up to a period of 14 days at a stretch.

During the days of tharpanam, the patient is not allowed to expose his eyes to bright illumination. Dark goggles are advised for this purpose. This restriction may extend for an equal number of days following the treatment. Reading, watching television, working on computers etc are all restricted. Complete rest is given to the eyes.

Tharpanam is done for both the eyes simultaneously. At night, during the course of the therapy, a floral bandaging is used on the eyes. Generally, Jasmine flowers are used for this. This is continued though out the treatment and the rest period. Often, internal medicines are prescribed to support the action of tharpanam. Head bath is allowed on a case-specific manner. There are some basic dietary modifications advised during the treatment. This may be considered as common to almost all sorts of Ayurvedic treatments. Spicy stuffs are avoided. Boiled water is given to drink.

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