Neem Detox & Healing

The Neem and Detox wrap is the one of the complete unique way to Detox and rebalance your body. Neem has high healing and repair properties for the skin. The Neem and Detox wrap is combined with unique technologies to improve the maximum result. The wrap is started with steam and Aroma therapy, followed by Diamond Microdermabrasion to reduce the appearance of pigmentation on the skin.  Full body oil application, full body exfoliation, and full body wrap using ingredients such as Neem, Triphila, Date Seed and Green Tea to remove toxins and purify the body. During the wrap, the dry floatation bed is used with Aqua jet massage and head massage which helps you to relax both mentally and physically. 99%PURE Oxygen infusion with Rose and Lemon tonic water makes your body more soothe and calm followed by a Lymph drainage massage to improve the lymphatic system and move all the toxins to your gastro intestinal tract, which helps to flush the toxins from your body. Finally performing the Marma massage on the face will aid the detoxification process, relieve negative emotions and stress and to further promote relaxation.


  • Helps restoring your body to a more natural state
  • Reduce excessive inflammation
  • Soothe the aches and pains
  • Boosts Your Energy
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Lighter Feeling
  • Improved Skin

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