Infants Dough Abhyangam

Massage with the wheat dough ball and medicated oil, (lakshadi thailam) it starts from the 7th day after birth till 3 months old, better to avoid to do massage with hand to infants, because the adults has lots of vata in their hands especially in the fingers, it makes to aggravate baby’s vata disorder and baby will not be comfortable, with the dough massage the therapist does not touch with palms to baby’s body directly. The medicated dough put into the medicated warm oil and following the massage to all over the body. The treatment enhances the baby’s circulatory system, increases immunity, and supports digestion and releases stress and tension (such as the muscle tightness from being cramped in the womb).  This massage will result in improving the baby’s developing hormone and thereby increases body weight. The massage is an excellent experience for developing communication and an important bonding experience between infant and parents.


  • Enhancing the circulatory and respiratory system of your baby by bringing nourishing blood to all the cells of the body
  • Massage improves digestion, healthy muscle tone, aiding growth and development of your infant
  • Helps to enhance relaxation enabling your baby to establish better sleep patterns
  • Relieves muscular tension held from the fetal position
  • Spending time and communicating with your new born during this precious time in their lives is particularly fulfilling and reaps long term benefits and rewards for both emotional and physical health.

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