Detoxification Programme

Detoxification is the process of reducing the body burden of harmful compounds, toxic substances, and bacterial by-products in order to improve body function. Integrative medicine recognizes detoxification as the first important step in restoring the body to a natural, balanced & healthy state. Detoxification therapies can be used as part of a systematic program to enhance your detoxification. Detoxification cleans out the digestive system, encourages wellness, and is important in treatment of disease and health maintenance.

The benefits of Detoxification include and not limited to:

  • Better Digestion and Elimination
  • Enhance Weight Loss
  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Promote Healthy Skin
  • Mental Alertness
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Slows signs Of Ageing
  • Reduce Stress & Better Sleep
  • Reduce Inflammations & Aches
  • Reduce Allergic Reaction
  • Healthy Liver Function

Your present state of health is the result of many years of exposure to chemicals and toxins and decisions about what you have chosen to take into your body, mind, and spirit. As a result, you need a systematic program to ensure a gentle detoxification, rejuvenation, and reversal of many years of exposure to chemicals, toxins, pollutants, prescribed drugs, and food preservatives.

KindCare Medical Center practitioners will design a customized program based on your biological terrain and current health condition. The integrative physician will assess your health status, suggest dietary modifications based on your metabolism, and develop a treatment plan using many of the following state-of-the-art detoxification therapies, which are all available in our integrative medicine medical center.

Nowadays,our society lifestyle is increasingly exposed to toxins that are a significant contributor to the rise in chronic illness and disease.


Only approximately eighty percent(80%) of toxins are removed through the liver and bowel, and approximately twenty percent(20%) exit through the lymphatic system, kidneys, and skin.

Toxins in our Environment

  • foods grown with pesticides
  • poor quality water
  • exhaust fumes from vehicles and airplanes
  • electromagnetic radiation from phones, computers, and wireless devices
  • commercial household cleansers
  • mold and chemicals in our homes
  • personal care products (cosmetics, shampoo, deodorant) that contain harmful ingredients
  • mercury amalgam fillings

The problem with these toxins is that they accumulate in our bodies year after year and may compromise our health.

How do I know if I need to cleanse or detoxify my body?

  • Do you struggle with joint pain, low energy, poor sleep, poor digestion, constipation, headaches, fuzzy thinking, food sensitivities, mood swings or disease?
  • Do you eat on the run and consume fast food?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious or mental stressed?
  • Are you eating right, drinking lots of water and taking supplements but still not reaching your health goals?
  • Are you tired or constant fatigue ?
  • Facing difficulties to lose weight?
  • Do you have any inexplicable skin eruptions?

In each of these scenarios, an accumulation of toxins may be the reason that you are experiencing such symptoms or unable to attain your health goals. Your body cannot be completely restored to a balanced and healthy state without undergoing a complete internal cleansing and detoxification.

If you have a chronic illness or disease you may require medical supervision.

We find that the underlying cause of many health challenges may be linked to an unhealthy lifestyle and a build-up of toxins in your body. We believe that when your body is given the right “tools” for internal cleansing and detoxification, it will release all built-up toxins and rebuild itself from the inside out. At KindCare Medical Center the art and science of ” detoxification” under medical supervision is a process that takes time but it yields significant improvements in health.

What results can I expect?

In the short-term, our patients often experience improvements in energy, sleep, digestion, bowel function, immune system, mental focus, pain relief, weight reduction etc. Over time, patients report that they often see improvement in chronic health issues and overall wellness.

KindCare Medical Center offers a Basic General DetoxPackages or Advanced Detoxification Program individually tailor made, medically supervised and based on your physician’s assessment:

1. Diet Plan Detox

2. Ozone Therapy

3. Organic Enema

4. Colon Hydrotherapy/Colonic

5. Hijama Therapy (Bloodletting)

6. Therapeutic Massages (Medical Herbs & Oils)

7. Herbal Roots Bandage (Salamtek Herbal Treatment)

8. Panchakarma & Ayurveda Detox

9. Yoga Detox

10. Biologically Dentistry (Mercury & Amalgam Removal)

11. Cryotherapy Whole Body

12. Chiropractic Adjustment

13. Detox Body Wrap

14. Oxygen Breathing Detox Therapy