KindCare Medical Center Cancer Care & Detox


can1When you come to KindCare Medical Center for Cancer Care and Detox your complete health picture will be considered. The goal is to understand your medical history, your unique concerns and who you are thoroughly, so you may be addressed individually. In this way, where you are coming from, what you are doing now and where you wish to go can be integrated into a complete and effective whole.


  • You will sit down with the doctor and talk for 60-75 minutes with time to wrap up and create you a plan at the end of the allotted time, totaling 1.5 hours in the office.
  • Your medical records will be reviewed.
  • You will be asked a thorough list of questions.
  • Any appropriate physical exams will be performed.
  • Specific areas of focus will include:
  • How Cancer has manifested in your life?
  • What treatments you’ve undergone?
  • Your immune health?
  • Nutrition and diet?
  • Digestion and bowel health?
  • Foundations of lifestyle, stress and sleep?
  • Inflammation reduction?
  • Emotional health and mind-body medicine?
  • Your questions will be answered about Naturopathic, Conventional and Alternative Cancer care treatments and Detoxifications.
  • You will be handed an initial plan in writing that outlines the initial course of treatment as well as future follow-up.
  • You will leave with a better understanding of your own health, what you can do to live better and take control of your Cancer journey.


Please bring with you or even better, send to the office ahead of time:

Your medical records including:

  1. Recent blood work (CBC and metabolic panel)
  2. Recent oncology scans (just the reports, not the images)
  3. The original pathology report
  4. Other pertinent doctor’s notes or tumor markers.
  5. The intake paperwork completed (or leave yourself 20 minutes to do this prior to your appointment time)

None this is required, but not mandatory, all will be helpful at first visit.

Once you are a patient of record, your medical chart can be requested from previous or current doctors, so don’t feel stuck if you don’t have it currently.

We look forward to getting to know you and providing guidance and support in your health and healing process. If you have specific questions or need more information, you may schedule a consultation with the Doctor to make sure that KindCare Medical Center Cancer Care and Detox is a good fit for what you seek.


Medicine has long struggled to come up with good solutions for the problem of Cancer. Billions of dollars have been invested in research and yet we are not much closer to a cure than 50 years ago. If you or someone your love has been diagnosed with Cancer then you know about the innumerable questions that arise, the fear that statistics create and the quest to find every solution beyond standard surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. It is an overwhelming place to be and a place where patients need support and KindCare Medical Center for Cancer Care and Detox advice.

KindCare Medical Center for Cancer Care and Detox  goals of integrative medicine is not to reject standard approaches, which are lifesaving and necessary.

Integrative oncology looks at the effects of diet and nutrition, immune system function, emotional health, energy medicine, traditional healing from other cultures and how natural remedies play in the fight against cancer.
The middle ground between the extremes of medicine is integrative medicine. There exists a balance between conservative and alternative, reductionist and holistic, cell-destroying and cell-rebuilding and true promise and false hope. This is the sage path, where patients can come to get holistic advice about their individual battle with cancer. We respect all perspectives in medicine and combine the best aspects of each to create synergy. Integrative medicine offers a new perspective that has been missing in cancer care and it may just be a new perspective that is needed to make a real difference in the fight against cancer.


Is one of the most toxic treatments that the body ever experiences. It is a therapy designed to kill cells and doesn’t distinguish healthy from cancerous cells as it travels the bloodstream. Medical Oncology does not offer solutions for helping patients Detoxify during or after this life-changing ordeal. As an experts in integrative oncology, we seek to optimize wellness and recovery through Detoxification. This represents a new paradigm in medicine where  the emphasis is placed on health rather than disease and healthy cellular function is supported both during and after chemotherapy.


Fundamental to Detoxification are the main organs of elimination, the liver and kidneys. Special attention is paid to the liver which processes chemotherapy and eliminates it. The safest and most effective natural Detox will optimize liver function and restore liver health. Many liver directed herbs interact with chemotherapy, so the selection of herbs and timing of dosage is critical so as not to interact with the drugs nor decrease their cancer killing ability.

Detoxification during or after chemotherapy and radiotherapy should always include the foundational approaches of maintaining high water intake, eating a proper diet rich in fiber and phytonutrients, and appropriate use of exercise. Combining these fundamentals with liver support, antioxidant therapy and the most current research make up the Detox protocols we offer. We will also include IV Vitamins and Nutrients to facilitate an even quicker and more effective re-vitalization and look at the timing of all treatments, drug-herb-nutrient interactions and the interplay between the body’s vital systems.


Antioxidants protect healthy cells from damage caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy  or the lingering free radicals it creates. Antioxidants are also used by the body to clear waste and cellular debris left in the wake of chemotherapy oxidation. Concerns have been raised about antioxidants protecting the cancer cells as well, but research has consistently shown that dietary antioxidants such as Vitamins A, B, C, E, etc. reduce chemo side effects while increasing efficacy against tumors. This is opposite of what the medical world feared. Further examination of natural compounds shows that there are specific phytonutrients that are even more promising antioxidants than these standard Vitamins. Grape Seed Extract, for example, has been shown to be about 50 times more effective than Vitamin C at scavenging free radicals and through multiple mechanisms can inhibit cancer cell growth. We make sure that my patients get the benefit of the most current scientific research on natural compounds.


The specific antioxidants, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Glutathione, require more caution because they are antioxidants naturally produced by our body. Patients should only add these after chemotherapy or radiation is finished because they have been scientifically shown to protect cancer cells from destruction.


Patients ongoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy  should enhance Detoxification through these simple steps:

  1. Optimize hydration – A goal to shoot for is 34 ml of water per each kg of your body weight, e.g.: 60 kg person should try and consume 2 l of water, including teas, daily.
  2. Eat plenty of fiber – whole grains, fruits and veggies are beneficial for several reasons. You can also add a daily dose of fiber in the form of freshly ground flax seeds or a psyllium based fiber capsule.
  3. Yoga Fitness &Meditation – Moving your body moves your blood and lymph through the organs of elimination and sweating is a direct route of Detoxification.
  4. Dietary Antioxidants – Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables which contain all the best antioxidants in abundance. If you have trouble getting enough of this, adding a green super-food powder to a smoothie can boost up dietary antioxidants quickly and in an easily absorbed and natural form.
  5. Consult with  Naturopathic doctor – for a more directed approach and specific supplements that can increase liver and kidney health without interacting with your chemotherapy treatment.

After finishing with chemotherapy, all of the above are still very applicable. At this time stronger antioxidants can be added to your Detox regiment in the form of supplementation. If your health has stabilized post-treatment, doing a fast or cleanse, lead by your Naturopath or other qualified practitioner, can get to the deepest levels of stored toxins and boost your vitality quickly on your road to full recovery.

Natural Protocols, Tailored  to Your Fight Against Cancer

1. Bioresonance Therapy (Electromagnetic Oscillation Fight against Cancer)

2. Diet & Juicing (Gerson/KETO/Alkaline/Vegan)

3. Yoga Fitness &Meditation (Anti Cancer)

4. Coffee Enema (Liver Detox)

5. Colon Hydrotherapy (Colon Cleanse & Detox)

6. Ozone Therapy (Rectal Infusion, IV Blood(Auto hemotherapy),Ozone Sauna Detox)

7. Accupuncture & Moxibution (Pre & Post Cancer)

8. Chiropractic Care (Relieves Headache, Back & Joint Pain)

9. Oxygen Breathing Detox Therapy(Oxy-Bar)

10.Chelation EDTA (Poisoning &Heavy Metal Detox)

11. Massages (Drainage, Scrubs, Therapeutic oil, Sirodhara, Reflexology)

12. Sound &Vibration Therapy(Tibetan singing bowl )


Under no circumstances should patients consider complementary cancer therapies as an alternative to conventional cancer treatments. Cancer patients’ must not ignore or decline all or part of recommended of conventional medicine cancer treatment and choosing Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

Complementary cancer therapies can only be used alongside conventional medical treatments prescribed by the Doctor.

Natural Cancer Care and Detox  can help people with cancer to prevent,feel better and may improve quality of life. They may help to cope better with symptoms caused by cancer or side effects caused by cancer treatment.

Patients should always inform their Oncologist Doctor or GP if they received additional complementary cancer treatment.