Only our the Bio-Resonance Diagnostic device & therapies  is Approved and Certified by FDA (Food And Drug Administration)

Our device is a unique diagnostic, analyzing and healing technology that enables you to execute a full analysis of human organisms with a revolutionary up to 96% precision without interfering into the human body and to create an effective course of non-chemical holistic healing.

The primary feature of our BIO-RESONANCE DIAGNOSTICS & THERAPIES DEVICE has its ability to detect organ dysfunction at the symptom-free stage, non-invasive. This is achieved through fixation and deep analysis of human electromagnetic radiation. Any disease is preceded by changes in the electromagnetic energy exchange. By fixing these changes in advance, Our quantum diagnostics help detect problems before they manifest themselves loudly.

The quantum complex appears as a combination of technologies that allow revealing diseases at symptom-free stages with high precision. BIO-RESONANCE DIAGNOSTICS & THERAPIES DEVICE identify changes in the body at the cellular level before some serious malignant changes occur. The system is able to diagnose and identify the causation and incidence of malignant processes, find the cause of a disease and, most importantly, calculate the mathematical probability of recovery using any treatment option.

We see what is hidden !!!


  • Express evaluation of health state, full scan, and diagnosis of the patient within 60 minutes
  • Prognosis of disease development for the period of 1 to 5 years ahead
  • Analysis of homeostasis systemic disorders.
  • Detection of the most weakened systems in the organism.
  • Detection of diseases in their risk stage.
  • Localization of pathological microflora, its activity range and distribution zones.
  • Localization of hidden microflora.
  • Determination of Acid-Alkaline balance in tissues (hidden microflora).
  • Detection of unstable laboratory results (their qualitative evaluation).
  • Non-invasive biochemical homeostasis blood analysis
  • Formation of dieting recommendations inclusive of blood group
  • Detection of hereditary personal predisposition to some diseases.
  • Detection of allergens and their reasons
  • Characteristics of changes in organs: inflammatory and degenerative.
  • Medications, Supplements, Nutrition, Herbs, Food individual sensitivity test, correct selection, and dose
  • Recommendations for health recovery.
  • BIO-RESONANCE THERAPY (Electromagnetic Oscillation)
  • Health Improvement “Bioresonance healing”(frequency compensation)
  • Preparation of informational medication (Spectronosods).
  • Determination of energy-informational harmfulness degree on the organism.
  • Localization of contaminants i.e. degree of their accumulation in an organism:
    • Mycotoxins
    • Pesticides
    • Herbicides
    • Nitrates and Nitrites
    • Fungicides
    • Heavy metals
  • Determination of accumulation degree of dangerous E-supplements (food additives)
  • Detoxify the patient’s organism (toxic loads and allergens)
  • Determining the activity of Bacterial flora and Microorganisms (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Parasites) and their localization
  • Determining disease development probability with a one-to-five year forecast
  • An opportunity to compare health state before and after the reinstating course.
  • Harmful dietary supplements contaminating the body(food intolerance)
  • Anti –dependence (bad habits Anti-nicotine, Anti-alcohol)
  • The function of biorhythms calculation according to 4 parameters:
    • Physical
    • Mental
    • Emotional
    • Combined one

Diagnostical Algorithm

Obtaining information from a patient goes through 4 channels: Double-channel Hand electrodes, Headphones with inbuilt SBA-sensors and Quantum-optic modulator

The proposed process is non-invasive, automatic and faster than a series of standard tests, thus bringing general credibility of the information received to the maximum possible and has confirmed the accuracy of diagnoses up to 96%.

Double-channel Hand-Sensors are reading information from the tissues and the extra-cellular matrix (ECM). The tissues and EMC serve as an additional information field that manifests the presence of Microbiological processes, Parasites, Viruses, Infections and different Homo-toxins.

Patented SBA-sensors (Sensitiv Bi-Stable Analyzers) are reading the information based on the subcortex area in the brain where the Bio-feedback between the cells and the brain happens. It’s a scientific fact that all vegetative functions in the human organism are part of the Bio-feeback with this brain area.Through the SBA-sensors we get the data on functioning of all the human systems – Breathing and Digestion, Skeletal and Bones, Endocrine and Immunity, Nervous and Cardio, Uro-genital and Sensors (eyes, ears, hair, teeth, nails).

Quazi-sensors are responsible for reading the external environment, compare the reading with the reading from the patient and automatically filter out all the electromagnetic signals that don’t belong to the patient. Thus, eliminating the well-known errors that happen with other, diagnostical technologies because of the external signals getting into the diagnostical data.

The database of Sensitive Imago contains over 10 000 of frequencies standards that correspond to all possible states in the human organism, from the early stages of the disease development to the mature pathological processes. Upon the accurate readings from the SBA, hand and Quazi sensors, the information is passed through the high-tech comparison process + NLS – analysis (Non-linear systems analysis) and then the analytical results are presented for the Doctor. The scope of the data ranges from the top stressed systems, developing pathological processes, microorganisms of all types, Allergic reactions, Blood and hormones state, toxic substances – all the way to the Food intolerances, Physiological factors, Electro-magnetic burdens, Chemical additives burden and other factors.







Frequency Compensation  “Bio-Resonance Healing”.

The biophysical method known as Frequency Compensation was introduced by Dr. F. Morrel and E. Rashe, a Doctor and an engineer respectively in 1977 in Germany, and later on received the name “Bioresonance Healing”.
Frequency Compensation is an energy informative influence on the cells of the tissue and organs which causes them to change to their ideal condition (energy informative etalons of the healthy organism are registered in the memory of the device).

The level of the improvement can be traced during the Frequency Compensation session on the screen in real time.
Chemical medicines cure the symptoms of the disease, but don’t treat its cause. Sometimes they are necessary, but only nature can make a complete recovery. The human body is a complicated self-regulating biological system that radiates weak electromagnetic oscillations as everything in nature. These oscillations regulate all the levels of the human organism (subcellular, cellular, organic, systemic) and keeps it in a healthy condition.
When the processes of self-regulation are violated in the organism there form and accumulate “incorrect”, pathological electromagnetic oscillations that lead to the development of different illnesses. Nowadays the method of Bioresonance (Frequency Compensation) is the only single fundamentally new method of non-drug treatment and prophylaxis.

Frequency Compensation is a method of healing which works with the help of the patient’s own electromagnetic oscillations. There are three principles at the heart of this method:

  • Usage of the personal electromagnetic oscillations
  • Separation of a patient’s electromagnetic oscillations into physiological (“healthy”) and pathological (“unhealthy”)
  • Inversion and suppression of the pathological oscillations. Restoring and strengthening of the physiological oscillations

Frequency Compensation curative effect is brought about by the stimulation of the host’s defenses, excretion of toxins and toxic metabolic products, deactivation of infections, tissue regeneration, and stimulation of restorative processes in an organism.
Thanks to the universal approach to healing of various pathology, and the maximal individualization of healing, Frequency Compensation is indicated for an immense variety of chronic skin problems, blackhead eruptions, warts, loss of hair, endocrine, hormonal disorders (frustration), migraines, weakened immunity system, osteoporosis, arthritis, psychosomatic over fatigue and many others.

Frequency Compensation limits to a short time drug treatment, and afterwards avoids completely the usage of chemicals.

Frequency Compensation is a synthesis of modern achievements of energy informative medicine, biophysics and computer technologies. It’s widely used in Germany, the USA, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary.

Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT)  “Electromagnetic Oscillation”

The Non-Harmonious and Non-Invasive oscillations are inverted and returned back to the body as therapeutically effective information. The inverted oscillations cancel out the distorted signals and stimulate the cells to oscillate in a healthy mode.

Examples (but not limited to) of same diseases allegedly healable with this method:

  • Allergies
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • Stress
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Psychosomatic illness
  • Anti-dependence
  • Detoxification

The equipment allows conducting sanative activities through frequency-wave correction of a patient’s organism state in the energy field.

Only recently an opportunity to restore cell functions on a deep level appeared. This became possible due to the detailed study of frequency-wave imprinting and the latest developments.

Frequency-wave correction (BRT) provides a deep level of influence.

BRT Energy correction is conducted directly on local, the most changed structures of organ tissue. The root principle of BRT is an inversion: electromagnetic waves, that are taken from the biological object, received by the device, inverted by 180 degrees, reinforced and directed back at the patient via the device output.

There are no contraindications for BRT, the body adjusts the equipment itself and shows how it should be treated.

Food individual sensitivity test “Medications, Supplements, Nutrition , Herbs, Correct selection and dose”

The testing of supplements and herbs can be carried out automatically with an electronic database. It is possible to test the ‘live’ product by installing it in the chamber for testing (i.e. built in the camera).

The device it is possible to prepare anti-medication. For example, Anti-allergens, Anti-chocolate, Anti-orange. If a person needs to take any medications that cause side reactions, you can prepare an Anti-[Name of medication]. You can also prepare an informational copy of BAA, nutraceuticals or any other medicine. Information on its positive effect that influences organism is recorded on carrier, excluding information having side effects.

If dental prosthetic materials happen to have a negative impact and are impossible to be replaced, then our diagnostic equipment will detect the problem, with its help you will be able to prepare anti-preparation that will make away with destructive effect of the material from which dental prosthesis is made.

Type 1 – External Test is a method of testing a product in a special chamber (built in the camera)
During a Vegeto-test, the frequencial characteristics from the tested product are evaluated and then are sent to a group of cells of the patient. The cells will react to the incoming signal (cellular Bio-feedback) and will send their electro-magnetic (frequencial) response. This response is registered by the technology and saved in the memory.

Then, the Doctor can test different dosages of the same product and do the same for all products that are necessary to test. All the saved responses from the cells are then available in the specialized comparison area. On the basis of the comparison, the Doctor will see the optimal dosage of the product (supplement, medication, herb or food) that can be recommended for the specific person.

Type 2 – Internal Test is a method of testing remedies and supplements right from the database of our device. It opens up a possibility to understand what a specific patient needs without testing a physical product.
The Doctor enters the database in the software program that stores the frequencial characteristics of the product lines of specific producers.

  1. A) The program already offers the recommended products in the order of importance. So even before the testing, the Doctor understands what products have a high probability to help the patient.
  2. B) During the test, the Doctor highlights a specific product in the database and the technology generates and sends the frequencial signal of this product onto the cells of the person, the cell will respond with their feedback signal that will be registered by the technology and saved into the memory of our device.

All the saved responses from the cells are then available in the specialized comparison area. On the basis of the comparison, the Doctor will see the optimal product (supplement, medication, herb or food) that can be recommended for the specific person. The dosage is to be taken from the recommendations coming from the producer of the tested product.


smoking When you try to quit smoking, the body needs time to dispose of toxins accumulated in the body during the entire period of smoking. However, because of the increasing amount of toxins from the environment and food that our body faces every day, our excretory organs are very tense and, therefore, more time is needed to process and eliminate Nicotine from the organism. Many cannot quit smoking because of the strong craving for Nicotine, which they experience during the period of smoking cessation. Although 70% of smokers want to give up smoking and 35% of them try to quit on their own, only 5% make it. The low percentage of successful smoking cessation and the high rate of relapse are due to the effects of Nicotine addiction. Studies of many scientists have proved that Nicotine causes more addiction than Narcotics substance.

Our “Anti-dependence” program significantly reduces the desire to smoke a cigarette, and also helps your body remove toxins (Nicotine and other chemical toxins), thereby facilitating your body’s withdrawal from nicotine addiction. Using the “Anti-dependence” program brings 70% – 90% cases of successful nicotine addiction deliverance.

Operating principle

Nicotine and any other chemicals that are added to cigarettes during the manufacturing process have their own model of electromagnetic oscillations.

Electromagnetic charge of Nicotine and other chemical toxins lingers in the cells of your body (energy imprint) and continues to send signals provoking the desire to smoke, even after the body has successfully removed all traces of toxins.

The frequency-wave influence will help you fight nicotine addiction. The unique and individually selected program “Anti-smoking” consists of a course of frequency-wave influence that helps eliminate the energy imprint of nicotine and other chemicals from your body and combat the addiction, which will make it easier for you to give up your habit.

The program “Anti-smoking” also includes health-improving activities for detoxification of lungs and liver, as well as for their support, so that you can have a healthy body and enjoy life.

Our recommendations before treatment

“Anti-smoking” can help you overcome your dependency on cigarettes. Your result will be more successful if you are following our recommendations.

Three to four days before treatment:

Start drinking at least 1.5-2 liters of clean drinking water, that is water filtered or purified by other methods. Water allows electromagnetic signals to approach cells so that your body can receive new information, and eliminate toxins from the organism.

The day before treatment:

  • Do not drink alcohol and fizzy drinks
  • On the day of treatment avoid:
    • Tonic, carbonated drinks
    • Tea / Peppermint tea
    • Alcohol
    • Aspirin, Analgetic or Anti-inflammatory drugs (unless specifically prescribed by a doctor)
  • Heavy food (fried, fatty, spicy).

Treatment effect

Most people feel that they no longer need a cigarette and do not have withdrawal symptoms immediately after the treatment intake. Others have an abrupt decrease in the desire to smoke within the first 24 hours, as memory cells in the human body seem to “remember” their work before they began to receive nicotine and other chemical toxins.

But still, for 2 weeks after stopping smoking you need to continue drinking 2 liters of clean drinking water daily. This will allow your body to eliminate the toxins that have been accumulating over the years of smoking.

In the process of toxins, excretion takes part in the organs of the excretory system – skin, and kidneys. It often happens that the smoker’s skin scents of nicotine or water, while taking a bath or shower, have a brownish tint as toxins are removed through the skin. Detoxification may be accompanied by other symptoms: Headaches, Fatigue, Indigestion, Metallic taste in a mouth, Sweaty palms or Lethargy.

Symptoms can appear, and then disappear, however, on the third day after the start of a treatment course they go away. There are no reasons to worry because your body is getting rid of the toxins that have piled up over the years of smoking.

Try to avoid a smoky environment, bars, etc within the next 24 hours after receiving the “Anti-smoking” session.

It is important to continue drinking water daily, even if initial symptoms of detoxification cease, your body is going to be deeply cleansed, and it will thank you for your constant support.