Baby Kizhi

Baby kizhi means massaging to the babies with warm medicated oil application (lakshadi thailam) followed with warm medicated herbal bolus (mainly chamomile) massaged into the body. It helps to soothe and calm baby’s delicate mind and body. The massage stimulates the growing immune and nervous systems and also builds a strong relationship between caregiver and baby. This treatment tone the muscles, relaxes the body  and provides good sleep, strengthens the skin, helps the metabolism, the digestion and relieves colicky pain and constipation.


  • Helps baby learn to relax.
  • Improve immune system.
  • Promotes bonding and communication.
  • Promotes positive body image.
  • Decreases the production of stress hormones.
  • Promotes sounder and longer sleep.
  •  Helps to regulate digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems.
  • It helps relieve discomfort from gas and colic, congestion, and teething.

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