Massage is one of the oldest methods of prevention and treatment of various diseases, a way to improve general well-being and mood. There is probably no more pleasant treatment procedure for a patient than massage. Professionals of KindCare Medical Center perform several types of massage, each of which is designed to deal with certain ailments, affecting various organs and systems of our body.

Massage helps to activate the work of blood and lymphatic vessels, accelerates the absorption of nutrients necessary for the body and the removal of toxins, helps to eliminate the effects of stress and physical fatigue. It is a part of the system of complex treatment of diseases of the spine, joints and various injuries, as well as is essential in the process of strengthening the immune and endocrine systems.

As for Manual Therapy, it is not just a relaxation session, but a serious treatment.
While a massage session works primarily with the soft tissues of the patient’s body, a chiropractor works primarily with the joints, including intervertebral joints. The main goal of the work of this specialist is to restore their normal mobility.

Only a certified doctor can be engaged in this area of treatment, who in addition to his main specialization has mastered the technique of manual therapy.

A chiropractor is diagnosing and treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system, has a much larger set of methods and techniques, can affect not only soft tissues but also the spine and joints. Due to the sessions of manual therapy restore the mobility of vertebrae and joints, strengthen the muscle corset, eliminate deformities of the spinal column, compression of nerves and vessels, forms the correct posture and pain syndrome.

All our specialists at KindCare Clinic have many years of experience and professionally provide this type of medical services that meets the highest standards.

Therapeutic Procedures for Children & Adults

Effective Help for Children & Adults

Vibration-acoustic massage in the sounds of singing Tibetan bowls is a deep relaxation, harmonizing and purifying the mental, emotional and physical body. Our body is the best tuning fork, subtly perceiving what is good for it. Massage-relaxation with singing bowls is a long and deep effect that harmonizes and purifies the mental, emotional and physical body. The sounds permeate the entire nervous system, deeply penetrate the bone and muscular systems, creating the effect of an energetic cushion.

Abhyanga oil massage is one of the basics of daily practice that is recommended by Ayurveda to achieve health and well-being. It is a great way to revitalize both the physical and subtle body. Thanks to specially selected essential oils and therapeutic herbs, abhyanga has a beneficial effect on the entire body, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin, improving the functioning of the internal organs and affecting our mental health.

A unique technique aimed at relaxation. It is also performed with the use of oils that are continuously poured on active points in the head area and the "third eye". Additionally, medicinal herbs are used. Such a combination has a positive effect on the emotional and physical state. Also massage helps to cope with headaches,

This treatment is performed using essential oils and herbal bags. The main task of the massage is to remove pain in the back, muscles and joints, improve the condition of the skin, relieve stress and tension. The technique also has an anti-stress effect, improves blood circulation and metabolism. The herbs usually used are ginger, sage, lavender, turmeric.

The technique is available not only for adults but also for children. Ayurveda massage will be an excellent prevention and treatment of various diseases, and will also help to correct some congenital defects. For example, the procedure helps to cope with various problems of the musculoskeletal system, clubfoot, flat feet. It is also useful for children who have problems with sleep, mental and physical development.

Sports massage is a technique that is used to prepare the body for physical exertion, as well as to speed up the recovery process after training. Sports massage can increase the physical endurance of the body and improve the professional performance of the athlete. Sports massage is a basic procedure in the every professional athlete's life.

Hot Stone Massage (Stone Therapy) is a type of Thai massage where the main role is played by hot stones. This kind of massage is aimed at deep and complete working of large muscles, in particular back, neck, legs. By analogy with the procedure where herbal bags are used, the body is warmed by a heat source.

Today immersion baths are widely used for medical purposes and even for training astronauts. The therapy is based on the method of "dry immersion" - creating a feeling of weightlessness and reducing gravitational influence.

The force of gravitational influence is reduced by utilizing the physical properties of water. The immersion bath is filled with water of a comfortable temperature. During immersion, the person experiences "weightlessness". Due to the use of a special waterproof fabric block, the procedure is carried out in a dry environment, which is much more comfortable for the patient than direct immersion in water. Beneficial effect on the nervous system - anxiety disappears, sleep improves, there is an increase in the production of endorphins. Due to the effect on the fluid environment of the body, blood pressure and heart function are normalized, metabolism is improved, and swelling of tissues is reduced.

This is a classic type of massage with therapeutic and preventive purposes. It is performed on the entire surface of the patient's body or on localized areas - back, collar zone, upper and lower extremities, etc.

The main therapeutic effect of classical massage is achieved by restoring normal muscle tone, which allows you to correct the position of the spine and improve posture. Direct mechanical impact on soft tissues activates the mechanisms of microcirculation, improving trophics (cellular nutrition), optimizes the processes of lymphatic drainage, improving lymph flow from tissues and internal organs. As a result, stagnant processes are eliminated, increasing the body's ability to self-repair, improving immune function, which allows the body to more actively resist harmful external factors, reduces pain syndrome. In addition to the therapeutic effect, massage also has a beneficial effect on the emotional and psychological well-being of the patient. The central nervous system is relieved, the effects of stressful situations are eliminated, the patient achieves a balanced state, improves sleep function, increases daily activity.

Hijama is the oldest method of wellness associated with the placement of jars and bloodletting. Hijama comes from the Arabic word "al-hajm", which means "suction". Hijama is one of the variants of vacuum therapy.

According to the reviews of modern supporters of alternative medicine, the benefits of hijama are enormous. With its help, it is easy to lower high blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol and sugar, normalize heart rate, quickly improve the general well-being of a person.

In the process of life our intestines are clogged with slags, fecal stones, radionuclides. If you overindulge in fatty foods and lead an unhealthy lifestyle, this process accelerates and harms the body. When the work of the intestine is disturbed, the patient is strongly recommended to undergo hydrocolonotherapy.

Hydrocolonotherapy is a technique for cleansing the body of toxins. The procedure consists in washing the intestines with water or decoction of herbs, which is removed by a special device. The whole process is absolutely painless and safe. After undergoing this procedure, patients experience weight loss, restoration of complexion, improvement of skin condition, restoration of intestinal microflora, etc.

One of the most effective methods of cleansing from toxins is the use of coffee enemas with special lightly roasted organic coffee. They cleanse the intestines, liver, gallbladder and the whole body while establishing all the protective immune functions of a person. In addition, coffee enemas affect the glutathione S-transferase enzyme system and promote liver detoxification. This is beneficial for many systems and organs and in combination helps us fight numerous diseases ranging from headaches, constipation, candida fungus, flu virus, helminths, bacterial pathogens to psoriasis, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Ozone sauna therapy is an important part of any detoxification program. This procedure is used as a complementary therapy for various diseases due to the therapeutic effects of active oxygen on the body in general and on the immune and hormonal systems in particular. The hot sauna causes the pores of the skin to open and thus allows ozone to fully penetrate into the tissues and cells of the body.

The environment of large cities often contributes to low levels of oxygen in the air. Its shortage has a negative impact on health, especially on the respiratory and circulatory system. In this regard, the body is in a state of hypoxia. Lack of oxygen negatively affects the Nervous System, impairing the quality of life. Therefore, it is very important to resort to oxygenation of the body through the respiratory system by means of "Oxygen Therapy", which will help in oxygenation of the body and improve the general condition of the body as a whole.