General & Family Medicine is the core of KindCare Medical Center. In addition to treating illnesses, our clinic offers everything from all general ailments and health problem management to providing preventive care and health education to patients. Our best Dubai doctors deliver primary care service and are devoted to carrying out comprehensive health care for individuals and families of all ages, genders, with any health issues and diseases in any part of the body. Our Patients are kept informed at every step of the way throughout all examinations as our Doctors prevent, diagnose and discuss all possible treatment plan options.

General and Family Medicine at KindCare Medical Center also provides complete Laboratory services. Our in-house laboratory and facilities make it easier for patients as they will not have to visit another diagnostic center. Some of the unique tests which are sent to Germany and America include the IGG food allergy intolerance test, which provides a detailed analysis of a patient's reaction to common food problems and a comprehensive gastrointestinal function profile. Such tests are important for everyone to undergo at least once in a lifetime.

We offers comprehensive radiology and imaging solutions of the highest accuracy, including 3T MRI, 64 multi-slice CT, fluoroscopy, digital mammography, dental panoramic X-Ray, and digital X-Ray unit.

Highlights of our General & Family Medicine Clinic equipment:

  • ECG (Electrocardiography) is the process of recording the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time using electrodes placed on a patients' body. These electrodes detect the tiny electrical changes on the skin that arise from the heart muscle depolarizing during each heartbeat. ECG is used to diagnose some heart abnormalities.
  • Holter Monitoring System is a painless procedure whereby a device will monitor the patient for 24-48 hours in their normal environment. This unnoticeable device will determine the patient's heart rate and regularity helping to detect heart abnormality or potential damage.
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) will read the patient's blood pressure for 24-48 hours in their own environment. This nonsurgical method will help detect organ damage, blood pressure conditions, and heart problems.
  • Spirometer Testing helps to evaluate the lungs' health, as it measures the air volume and oxygen flow rate. A Spirometer test is able to help diagnose lung conditions, including asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary disease, and other respiratory issues.
  • General Ultrasound scanning has many applications in medicine and is available to help evaluate the consistency of the patient's internal organs, structures and any abnormalities that may be present within their body.
  • Vision Screening will test all common vision problems including myopia/hyperopia (near/farsightedness), astigmatism and anisometropia. This quick test will indicate abnormal readings with absolutely no communication required from the patient.
  • Hearing Screening is an easy and effective test that is carried out to evaluate the patients hearing levels percentage in both ears.
  • Ear Wash System turn cerumen removal into a clean, quick, safe procedure with the first system to simultaneously irrigate and suction discharge using hydrovac action. With built-in safety features, the Ear Wash System is ideal for use on patients of any age.

In addition to diagnosing and treating patients, our General & Family Medicine Doctors provide preventive care which includes routine health checks & assessments, travel vaccinations and personalized consultation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Highlights of our Urologist & Andrologist department include:

  • Urological Cancers Urologic cancers include cancer of the kidney, bladder, renal pelvis, penis, testicles, and urethra
  • Urinary Tract Infection An infection in any part of the urinary system, the kidneys, bladder or urethra.
  • Overactive Bladder A problem with bladder function that causes the sudden need to urinate
  • Kidney Stones Kidney stones (also called renal calculi, nephrolithiasis or urolithiasis) are hard deposits made of minerals and salts that form inside your kidneys.
  • Urethral Stricture Disease A urethral stricture is scarring in or around the urethra that narrows or blocks the passageway through which urine flows from the bladder.
  • Prostate Disease The prostate gland (the prostate) is an organ of the male reproductive system. It is about the size of a walnut and is found at the base of the bladder.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It's sometimes referred to as impotence, although this term is now used less often.
  • Hematuria (Blood in the urine) Hematuria is the presence of blood in a person's urine. The two types of hematuria.
  • Urinary Incontinence Urinary incontinence the loss of bladder control is a common & often embarrassing problem. The severity ranges from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or sneeze to having an urge to urinate that's so sudden & strong you don't get to a toilet in time.

Urologic conditions affect men, women & childrens but women may experience disorders differently. Some urologic conditions, such as Urinary incontinence & urinary tract Infections are more common in women, because the urinary tract is much closer to their genital area than in men. As such, pregnancy, childbirth & sexual intercourse can also play a part in urologic conditions affecting women.

KindCare Medical Center,
offer sophisticated care with the passion to serve the people in need, by setting benchmarks for care using the latest possible techniques. We have a strong relationship amongst our doctors, nurses, administrative staff and family members of the patients, to ensure that utmost importance is given to each and every one. We have equipped with the state of the art equipment for evidence-based treatment. Our labs have the latest equipment, which responds with the results that have the minimum lead time.

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