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Dr. Talal Abdin

GP / Intensive Therapy
Children & Adults

Dr. Talal is a Specialist in Emergency Care and Intensive Care for Adults and Children at KindCare Medical Center Dubai, with more than 10 years of successful experience in severe and critical health conditions.

Dr. Talal graduated from Lugansk State Medical University in Ukraine and received a medical degree in General Medicine, followed by Postgraduate Education Study in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Doctor accumulated experience makes it possible to diagnose and successfully assist a patients in critical health condition.

Dr. Talal has extensive skills and a personalized approach in treating many emergency cases such as:

o Trauma, sprains, burns, bandages and sutures.
o Severe Allergic Reactions
o Intoxication and Poisoning
o Acute Heart Failure
o Angina pectoris
o Myocardial Infarction
o Pneumonia
o Thromboembolism
o Stroke
o Decompensation of Diabetes Mellitus
o Nonspecific Fever
o Detoxification
o Hypertensive Crisis

Message from Doctor Talal:

My dear Patients!
Treatment of a disease requires not only the professionalism of the doctor and the effectiveness of medications, but also a lot of care and affection towards patients. I am always happy and ready for fast and effective response in any vital situation to restore your health!


Dr. Talal Abdin

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