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Dr. Kristina Yevdoshenko

Dermatologist & Venereologist
Anti-Aging Laser Specialist
Children & Adults

Dr. Kristina is the first Russian-speaking licensed Specialist Dermatologist in Dubai, UAE.
She is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Dermatology and Venereology, with 20 years of experience who treats patients of all ages, children and adults with various skin diseases.

Dr. Kristina has two exclusive patented protocols for the treatment of dermatitis, 10 published articles on skin and sexually transmitted diseases.

She owns innovative technologies in cosmetology, which are carried out using the latest medical equipment. Dr. Kristina will help you get rid of long-suffering complexes about your appearance, take care of the health of your skin, prolong youth and beauty!

Dr. Kristina will help you with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of viral and bacterial skin diseases, allergies, fungal infections, sexually transmitted diseases and much more:

o Diagnosis and treatment of all skin diseases
o Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
o Surgical dermatology (removal of various tumors)
o Laser dermatology
o Anti-Age and dermatocosmetology

To achieve the best results, Dr. Kristina conducts the most accurate and reliable diagnosis of skin problems using the innovative latest technology.

As a dermatology and aesthetic specialist at KindCare, Dr. Kristina offers a wide range of cutting-edge procedures to help her patients achieve the best possible results. Some of her specialty procedures include injectable and non-injectable skin rejuvenation, total natural face restoration, volume reconstruction with fillers and threads, threads face lifting and body tightening, complete natural PRP rejuvenation and volume rebuilding, stretch marks and scars treatment, lifting, micro-needling treatment, laser treatments, and treatment of skin conditions such as acne and post-acne, rosacea, and pigmentation etc.

Message From Dr. Kristina:

“Stay forever young and youth while keeping your skin healthy and youthful, with my help!”


Dr. Kristina Yevdoshenko

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