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Dr. Khaled Mustafa

Pediatrician & Pulmonologist
Immunization & Vaccination

Dr. Khaled is a Specialist Pediatrician, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Associate Professor of the Department of Pediatrics Research at the Medical Institute, Moscow, Russia.

Dr. Khaled has more than 13 years of successful experience in the specialty of Pediatrics in hospitals and outpatient medical facilities in Moscow.
After graduation of medical education in the “General Medicine”, followed studies in post specialties medical studies in ‘’Pediatrics” in Moscow, and after that continued with scientific work and research on a dissertation in Pediatric Pulmonology and receiving with Honors Degree title of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Dr. Khaled is the co-author of 36 articles, publications and textbooks, including international editions.

Dr. Khaled specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of childhood illnesses conditions. Dr. Khaled is a specialist Pediatrician Doctor in KindCare.
Dr. Khaled research and special interests include allergology and pulmonology.

He is a student of Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Ovsyannikov D.Yu.

Selected publications of Dr. Khalid :

DOI: 10.24110/0031-403X-2021-100-2-127-137
DOI: 10.24110/0031-403X-2019-98-1-186-192
DOI: 10.24110/0031-403X-2019-98-2-178-185

Message From Dr. Khaled:

Dear friends!
We are a married couple of Pediatricians from Moscow, Russia.
In our friendly family of Pediatricians, four charming Children are happily growing up, who in the future, we hope, will continue the family dynasty of Pediatricians.
At KindCare for accurate diagnoses and proper treatment control, we use modern Functional Diagnostics and New Modern Methods and Protocols for Diagnosing and Treating Children.

At KindCare, We collectively conduct Systemic Diagnostics of the entire child’s body and offer a comprehensive solution taking into account the characteristics of each Child individually.
We help children restore their health balance so that they can realize their maximum life potential in the present and future.”

Kids-Love Us!
Patient-Trust Us!


Dr. Khaled Mustafa

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