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Dr. Hamid Reza

Children & Adults

Dr. Hamid is a Specialist Neurologist, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) an experienced and qualified Doctor specializing in both pediatric and adult Neurology. With 15 years of experience in large clinics and training in European and American courses, he has exceptional experience in treating various neurological diseases both in inpatient and outpatient settings.

With a focus on innovative treatments, Dr. Hamid uses advanced techniques such as rhythmic transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), low-frequency neurofeedback (ILF), functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) and Botox therapy as an effective way to treat migraines and other types of headaches, reducing their frequency and severity.

His areas of expertise include migraines and headaches, multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke, neurodegenerative diseases and neuropathic pain, anxiety, OCD, depression, etc. Using a holistic and evidence-based approach, he strives to improve the quality of life of adult patients, offering them individual and effective treatment methods. Dr. Hamid is Neurologist Specialist at KindCare Multispecialty hospital in Dubai.

Collectively, he demonstrates a unique combination of clinical expertise, innovative treatment approaches and a genuine sense of compassion, making him an exceptional choice for those seeking comprehensive and effective neurological care for children and adults, especially for conditions such as migraine, where quality improvement In patients’ lives, advanced techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, neurofeedback, FMS and Botox therapy are used.

Dr. Hamid has dedicated his professional career to the early detection and innovative treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and Minimal Brain Dysfunction (MMD). Using the latest diagnostic and treatment methods, including transcranial magnetic stimulation and new medications, the doctor is at the forefront of dementia treatment. Dr. Hamid also uses various methods of using Transcranial Sonography (TCCS) for vascular accidents (CVA) and other diseases.

Message from Dr. Hamid:

“Dear friends, parents and my little beloved patients!
The foundation of “Healthy Nerves” should be laid from early childhood.
The main thing is “Don’t ignore…!”
I will be happy to help all adults and children who need my help!”


Dr. Hamid Reza

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