Face Treatments

Long to preserve youth and beauty is the natural desire of every person, no matter how old he/she is and what sex he/she is. And what is the best mirror representing our beauty and health? Of course the skin that covers our face and body. Beautiful and well-groomed skin gives confidence in their abilities, cheerfulness and creates a good mood. Proper care for the face and body is an important part of female beauty, which allows you to look charming any time and not to think about flaws. Taking care of your look and health is a privilege not only of the beautiful half of humanity. The appearance has its relevance also for the men.

In the struggle for health and beauty, we turn to the help of different cosmetics and preparations, but in the saturated rhythm of modern life, we do not always manage to find time to pamper our skin with useful procedures. In our days we have to face a lot of problems, which brings a lot of unpleasant experiences. Stress adversely affects the skin condition, so you need to pay attention to yourself and your skin to retain its smoothness and elasticity.

Skin is an important organ responsible for your well-being, health and mood. And like any other organ it requires its care and treat.

The skin on the human body occupies 20 thousand square centimeters!

In the human skin there are more than 4 million receptors and about 8 million energy channels. Skin is responsible for many important functions in the body.

Decay products in the body are output:

The lymphatic system through the skin -60%

Intestinal tract – 30%

A total of 10% of the kidneys

Improper skin care with bad and cheap cleansers can destroy the natural balance of the skin and as a result cause some of diseases accompanied by a dysfunction of the skin and subsequent diseases of the internal organs.

What is the proper skin care?

Proper skin care is a whole complex of procedures for the skin and improving its condition. A good skin condition is not only the absence of visible problems, such as wrinkles, acne, etc. A good skin condition is the proper functioning of the skin cells.

With age skin cells become old, wrinkles appear on the skin – as a result of a dysfunction of the skin, a violation of collagen production. All these problems can affect not only your look, but also your health! Wrinkles lead to abnormalities in skin function, such as the difficulty of supplying nutrients to the cells of the skin and the release of degradation products. Poor functioning of the skin in the future will lead to diseases!

Therefore, proper skins care, using of special skin care products – this is a priority for preserving your health and your youth. This is important not only to preserve your look, but also for the internal health of the whole body!

The body of each person is unique, in each case a special approach is required when choosing the most safe and effective remedy that are designed to preserve the beauty of your face and body for many years to come. Skin Clinic will select the most suitable procedures for you, taking into account the individual characteristics and needs of your body, and will carry out all necessary actions in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

We will take care of the beauty of your skin!