Doctor with 15 years of experience, treats patients of all ages, children and adults with various skin conditions.

Dr. Kristina has two exclusive patented dermatitis treatment protocols, 10 published articles on skin and venereal diseases.

She owns innovative technologies in cosmetology, which are carried out with the help of the latest medical equipment. Dr. Kristina will help you get rid of long-suffering complexes about your appearance, take care of your skin’s health, prolong youth and beauty!

“Doctor Kristina Skin Clinic” is equipped with everything necessary to diagnose, treat and prevent viral and bacterial skin diseases, allergies, fungal infections and venereal diseases, and much more.

“Doctor Kristina Skin Clinic” works on the most modern and best equipment, using the latest technology, not having competitors in the UAE in this area. Our equipment is exclusive only for “Doctor Kristina Skin Clinic”. Also in the clinic you can take any kind of tests, and if necessary, get advice from the related specialists.

“Doctor Kristina Skin Clinic” offers:
  • Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases
  • Venereal diseases
  • Surgical dermatology (removal of various neoplasms)
  • Laser dermatology
  • Aesthetics and cosmetology

For the best results, our dermatologist conducts the most accurate and reliable diagnosis of skin problems with an innovative hardware system and receives a unique skin analysis, which helps to develop a program for rejuvenating and caring for the face and body. This technique allows you to see in advance on the screen what the results of various procedures will be, as well as changes in appearance in the absence of cosmetology. This allows you to see today how you will look in 5 to 10 years and what effective procedures are needed to slow aging and prevent unwanted age changes.

Grow up beautifully, keeping youth, with the help of “Doctor Kristina Skin Clinic”!

Languages spoken: English, Russian, Ukrainian and advance beginner in Arabic.

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