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Dermatology in Dubai is a medical specialty focused department by KindCare Medical Center on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of skin diseases. Given that the skin is one of the largest and most functional organs of the human body, the spectrum of related pathologies is extensive. This overview highlights the role of a dermatologist and the various conditions they treat.

When to Consult a Dermatologist at Dermatology In Dubai  

Consultations with a dermatologist are recommended in a variety of circumstances:

  • Changes in the color, shape, or size of moles or other skin lesions.
  • Acne, often caused by overactive sebaceous glands that lead to clogged pores and bacterial growth, resulting in inflamed, pus-filled blisters.
  • Persistent skin rashes or itching that affects adults and children alike.
  • Noticeable scars from cuts or scratches that might benefit from treatments like laser therapy or microdermabrasion.
  • Symptoms such as skin irritation, flaking, or dehydration.
  • Nail problems like ingrown nails or fungal infections, which can sometimes indicate more systemic health issues such as heart disease, liver problems, anemia, or diabetes.
  • Hair loss, for which treatments like laser therapy might be prescribed.

Regular dermatological check-ups are advisable to maintain optimal skin health.

Services at KindCare Clinic Dubai

At KindCare, our dermatology department offers comprehensive care to patients of all ages, utilizing the latest medical equipment for precise and careful interventions. Our services include:

  • Reconstructive surgery for the treatment of scars, burns, and injuries.
  • Skin cancer treatments.
  • Laser surgery.
  • Treatment of varicose veins.
  • Specialized care for pediatric skin conditions, along with preventive services in Dubai.

Why Choose KindCare Dermatology in Dubai

Patients choose KindCare for dermatological care in Dubai for several reasons:

  • Our dermatologists are among the best in the region, skilled in managing a wide range of skin conditions.
  • We are known for exceptional patient care, with a warm and attentive approach from the moment a patient enters our clinic. The environment in every part of the clinic, from the wards to the operating rooms, is designed for comfort.
  • Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to tackle the most complex skin disorders effectively.
  • We offer a broad spectrum of services that address numerous health issues, ensuring comprehensive care under one roof.

Appointments are available for both new and returning patients, regardless of whether they present with simple or complex skin issues.

Diagnostic Tests for Adults and Children

Effective Help for Adults and Children

Since the face is a kind of "business card" of a person, the issue of preservation and return of youthfulness of the face is especially important and relevant. Among the many methods and techniques of special attention deserves laser facial rejuvenation.

The essence of this method is the fractional impact of laser beams on the skin. After this procedure improves skin color, correct fine and medium wrinkles, remove bags under the eyes, tightens the oval of the face. Rehabilitation period is minimized. This procedure can be used not only as a stand-alone method, but also to improve the results of plastic surgery or laser skin resurfacing.

Scars are not a pleasant problem that can ruin even the most well-groomed face. Unfortunately, no one is immune to cuts, injuries, and surgeries. And certainly, almost everyone knows what acne is. Scarring is one of the most serious consequences of acne. For a long time, various ointments, creams and injections have been used to remove scars. Previously, traditional medicine offered a surgical way to get rid of scars. After that, patients who did not get the expected results sought salvation in folk medicine. Today, the arsenal of modern cosmetology has a method of laser resurfacing of scars, which allows you to deal with the problem once and for all.

During this procedure, the skin is exposed to a laser beam that helps to smooth the outer cells of the epidermis. Due to the heating of tissues in the skin produces fresh elastin and collagen fibers. This process is called intensive skin renewal.

More often than not, people get vascular overgrowths and meshes on their face and legs, regardless of their gender. Fortunately, nowadays there is an affordable and effective method of removing vascular stars and meshes with laser. The laser beam does not affect the blood vessels themselves and, moreover, does not traumatize the skin. Treatment of blood vessels on the face with a laser is carried out in several sessions, each lasting about 40 minutes (sometimes treatment is limited to one session). During the procedure, the laser beam penetrates the epidermis and heats the problem vessel, while interacting with hemoglobin and pulling it to the site of capillary deformation. The hemoglobin absorbs the beam and glues the gap between the cells of the vessel or blocks the blood flow to the dilated capillary. Thus, the capillary is sealed and consequently disappears. The place of the vessel is filled with connective tissue.

Some time ago, the procedure of laser skin resurfacing was perceived as a rather serious long operation performed under anesthesia, after which various complications (infections and scars) could occur.

Unlike this outdated method, fractional laser therapy does not completely "scalp" the skin, but acts fractionally (many tiny but very deep microscopic beams), which promotes rapid cell regeneration and, consequently, healing. In addition, this procedure eliminates complications. As a result, wrinkles are smoothed, skin color is improved, the facial oval is smoothed, pigmentation disappears, and the skin in the eye area, neck and décolleté is tightened.

Botox is a type of cosmetic procedure, when injections of a special neurotoxin - a drug with a natural basis, the purpose of which is to relax muscles and smooth wrinkles. The active substance is called botulinum toxin type A (from the name of the bacterium that produces it), hence the name of the procedure "Botox".

Most commonly, botulinum therapy is used to correct the forehead, bridge of the nose, eye area, and chin.

In addition to smoothing wrinkles, Botox is also able to lift the corners of the mouth, correct the "gingival smile", relax the masticatory muscles, get rid of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Simply put, these are injectable soft tissue fillers injected into the skin to fill expression lines and nasolabial folds in order to smooth them out; to contour the lips, facial oval and chin.

Injections of fillers can only be performed by an experienced doctor who has a higher medical education and specialization in dermatology; who has undergone advanced training in cosmetology and is trained in the technique of facial filler injection.

Biorevitalization or natural rejuvenation procedure is one of the modern innovations in the field of cosmetology. Its action is to make the body produce elastin and collagen, which make the skin smooth and firm. And because it is a natural process, its result lasts for a long time.

This procedure involves injecting hyaluronic acid into problem areas using an injector or syringe. Biorevitalization is necessary in case of dehydrated skin, unwanted pigmentation, couperose or if the skin looks pale and sore. It is also useful for natural age-related skin changes.

Mesotherapy is an intradermal injection of cocktails of medicines that contain hyaluronic acid, vitamins, microelements, amino acids, oligoelements, lipolytics, peptides.

Mesotherapy effectively eliminates a number of aesthetic defects - dry skin, pigmentation, fine lines, acne, post-acne, stretch marks, scars, dehydration of the skin. This procedure also helps to solve problems of the scalp, improves blood circulation and supply hair follicles with nutrients.

For more than 10 years the method of facelift using APTOS threads has been used in 48 countries around the world. Lifting with innovative Aptos threads is an injectable technique that allows you to perform face and body lifting without the use of surgery. But its effectiveness is comparable to the results of surgical plastic.

Aptos threads are used to correct the facial oval, eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin in the cheeks, nasolabial folds, chin, chest, abdomen, thighs and other areas.

After lifting, within 1-3 months, new tissue with clear contours is formed in the place of minor damage to the connective tissue.

Plasmolifting (PRP) is an injectable method of subcutaneous injection of platelet-rich plasma of the patient's own blood resulting in the activation of regenerative processes in the skin.

Human blood plasma contains substances fibrin and collagen, which are involved in the construction of new tissue cells in the body. These substances help to restore the cells of any organ, whether it is skin that has lost elasticity or brittle hair. The essence of the method is to isolate plasma from human blood and then inject it into the area that requires restoration.

In addition, plasma has a high concentration of platelets, which contain special growth factors and proteins. They stimulate the production of fibroblasts in stem cells, which helps to strengthen the regeneration process.

Vi Peel is a very popular pharmaceutical grade chemical peel in the Western world, which was developed by specialists in the USA. It is a medical grade skin care treatment that is indicated to address cosmetic concerns such as pronounced signs of aging and marks after acne and skin trauma. V-peeling can also help reduce the effects of photodamaged skin and alleviate signs of melanoderma. The procedure is considered one of the most effective medical peels available today.