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Dental Clinic in Dubai

At KindCare Medical Center and dentistry clinic, best Dental Clinic In Dubai we understand that a visit to the dentist is about more than just treatment; it’s about experiencing care in a soothing, comfortable environment. From your initial consultation, you’ll have access to a variety of treatment plans, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for your specific needs.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Services

We invite you to take advantage of our comprehensive diagnostic services, which include:

  • High-precision CT scans of the maxillofacial region
  • Panoramic dental imaging
  • Digital radiographs
  • Computerized analysis of gums
  • Detailed modeling of dental crowns and dentures

These technologies enable us to pinpoint issues with exceptional accuracy and craft the most effective treatment strategies for you.

Advanced Dental Treatment and Technologies

At KindCare clinic is outfitted with cutting-edge technologies and equipment, such as high-class German dental units with fiberoptic illumination and cooling systems to minimize discomfort. We use proven anesthesia methods, including electronic anesthesia, and offer the latest advancements in dental treatments, implantation, and restoration. Your safety is paramount, ensured through rigorous sterilization and individual packaging of instruments.

Dental Clinic In Dubai & Comprehensive Dentistry and Dental Services

During your visit, a thorough discussion of your health and any concerns will be conducted, followed by the use of advanced diagnostic tools if needed. KindCare offers a broad spectrum of dental services:

  • Therapy: Caries treatment, whitening, professional cleaning, and tooth restoration
  • Prosthetics: Implant prosthetics, metal-free and flexible dentures, and solutions for periodontal patients
  • Surgery: Tooth extraction, bone grafting, and organ preservation procedures
  • Implantation: Specialized solutions for complex cases, including those with bone deficits or comorbidities
  • Orthodontics: Bite correction for all ages, invisible braces, and non-brace alternatives
  • Periodontology: Comprehensive treatment of gum diseases using both therapeutic and surgical methods, including laser technology.

Your Dental Health Partner in Dubai

KindCare Dental Centers are landmarks of innovation in Dubai’s dental scene. A visit to our centers ensures a warm welcome by a professional team that supports you throughout all treatment phases and beyond. Our dentists are highly regarded both locally and internationally, contributing significantly to dental science and practices.

At KindCare Multi Specialty hospital in Dubai , we take a personalized approach to dental care, tailoring treatment plans and oral care recommendations based on the latest scientific research and clinical insights. This approach not only addresses your immediate dental concerns but also helps in preventing future issues, ensuring long-lasting dental health and well-being.


We Can Help You: Adults & Children

Veneers are thin ceramic plates that are fixed to tooth enamel with a special heavy-duty adhesive material. Veneers are made individually for each person. After photographing and processing your photos, the dentist will construct a virtual smile, which you and your doctor can change and correct (length of teeth, width of teeth, inclination of teeth, etc.). After discussion, the doctor will use a special printed plastic form to try on a virtual smile on you. The teeth are not ground down. At this stage, you will be able to see yourself in reality with your future smile!

Computer modeling makes it possible to clearly see the result of aesthetic restoration even before the start of treatment. Patients are always concerned about how their smile will change after restoration. This is especially important when it comes to manipulations in the anterior jaw. Modern digital modeling allows you to demonstrate to the patient a virtual model of future dental restorations. Already at this stage you will be able to evaluate the positive changes and discuss with the doctor the tactics of restoration and its results. If necessary, it is possible to make adjustments to the treatment plan so that the result of the restoration fully meets the patient’s expectations.

The greatest pleasure is to see how, after minimal aesthetic dental prosthetics, positive views on life awaken in a person, complexes go away, life changes!

Highly qualified doctors at the KindCare dental clinic are constantly improving their professional skills and therefore they are able to perform all types of dental prosthetics, ranging from the simplest designs to installing various crowns and bridges on implants.

If in earlier times patients pursued the goal mainly of restoring lost dental functions or eliminating obvious defects, today the aesthetic appearance is no less important, since much depends on our image.

The doctor uses the latest generation system – Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​(ZOOM 4). This is the most effective, safe and comfortable professional hardware whitening procedure that is gentle on tooth enamel.

If you decide to seriously think about the health of your teeth, then first of all you should visit a periodontist who will draw up a plan of preventive procedures and conduct professional (hardware) teeth cleaning, removing all existing dental plaque (which you may not have even suspected) .

Professional oral hygiene is a procedure that helps prevent problems such as: tartar, caries, soft or hard plaque on teeth, pigmented plaque (from coffee, cigarettes and coloring products), bad breath, gum disease and bleeding. . During this procedure, the entire oral cavity is thoroughly cleaned, all bacteria and food debris are removed from hard-to-reach places, the teeth become smooth and an order of magnitude lighter.

Our dentists constantly improve their knowledge in the field of pediatric dentistry; they use the most advanced materials and equipment for dental treatment in children. The dental office has a huge screen where young patients can watch cartoons during treatment. Our clinic also has colored fillings “compomers” designed specifically for children; they have different colors: blue, pink, green, etc. These fillings also emit fluoride, which is important when treating temporary (baby) teeth in children.

Providing comprehensive preventive and curative dental care to patients with special medical needs (physical illnesses) is an important aspect of the specialty of dentistry. We value the unique qualities of every young smile and strive to provide maximum health for everyone, regardless of developmental disabilities or other health concerns. Dental care for patients with special needs requires specialized knowledge acquired through additional training, as well as increased awareness and attention, adaptation and accommodative measures beyond the scope of routine treatment. At Kind Care, we have doctors with the experience needed to provide appropriate dental care tailored to the unique nature of the children we see.

At the KindCare clinic, our specialists do not use amalgam filling materials, as they corrode the teeth in the mouth, releasing toxic compounds. These tiny particles can cause allergic reactions and/or manifest as electrical discharges. Modern bioceramic and biosynthetic materials allow us today to produce biologically compatible and at the same time highly durable dentures. You can rest assured that we guarantee the best dental care.

Fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures made of various metals in the mouth can result in a battery effect. It has been scientifically proven that they can have harmful effects on the muscles of mastication, the mucous membrane of the mouth and the brain. Such an oral battery can also cause local irritation on the tongue or oral mucosa and even allergies, which can ultimately lead to chronic inflammation.

The most effective and most advanced method for restoring lost teeth and a beautiful smile.

Beautiful teeth are not a luxury, but a necessity. Teeth are our health, correct bite, diction, the ability to eat well, and chew food well. They allow us to make a favorable impression on others, build a career and relationships. Many people lose them at a very young age. Genetic predisposition, pregnancy, trauma, caries, periodontitis - all this can lead to premature loss.

Modern technologies make it possible to restore a healthy smile to a person even in the case of complete edentia. The introduction of high-quality biocompatible materials has improved the tolerance of implantation by patients, so that today the risk of complications caused by dental implantation is reduced to almost zero. The professional skills and experience of doctors in the field of implantation, as well as the material and technical base of the clinic, allow us to install any implant system. Based on practical experience, we have selected for you several implantation systems from different classes (economy class, middle class and top category implants), the prices for which are presented on our website.

Ozone therapy in dentistry is an absolutely painless and safe procedure. Ozone has properties to kill bacteria. Ozone therapy copes well with gum diseases, being a good alternative to applications and irrigations used for diseases of the mucous membrane.

In biological dentistry, we focus on understanding the biological connections in the body and their interactions. Full vital energy on all levels. In addition to classical dentistry, biological dentistry applies all the basic laws of natural science. In keeping with the motto: “The oral cavity is the mirror of health,” we take a closer look at the basic principles of chemistry, physics and biochemistry, and establish the connection between chronic inflammatory diseases that are widespread today. Because the human body and its strong immune system can compensate for relatively much. Standard medicine views the body in its individual parts rather than as an integrative system. Thus, the connection between the oral cavity and symptoms in other areas is almost never made.

In addition to classic problems such as caries and periodontitis, there are also metals, amalgams, pulpless teeth, hidden inflammations and much more. Our Doctors specialize in removing these side factors. Using only biocompatible materials, it completely eliminates negative health consequences. Moreover, it considers each person individually. For this reason, careful examinations are carried out to determine the compatibility of all components (fillers, adhesives, etc.), so as not to expose even highly sensitive people to the materials used.

  •  Root Canal Treatment
    In dentistry, root canal treatment is called Endodontics; in the UAE, this procedure is called Root Canal Treatment. The doctor’s task during this procedure is to get rid of the infection that is in the root canal of your tooth as much as possible. With the equipment available at the KindCare clinic, this procedure will be as safe and successful as possible, and most importantly, absolutely painless. Our specialists have several modern methods and protocols for root canal treatment in children and adults. They will tell you about these techniques directly at your appointment before treatment!

Intravenous vitamin therapy in dentistry is the process of taking various drugs intravenously and intramuscularly in order to compensate for the lack of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals in the body. As is known, a deficiency of these elements leads to a weakening of the immune processes, and the body becomes more susceptible to attack by bacteria and microbes. Intravenous Vitamin Therapy is recommended mainly in the fight against diseases of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, as well as in preparation for various surgical operations such as tooth extraction and implantation. Also, Intravenous Vitamin Therapy will be useful after surgical operations in the maxillofacial area to accelerate the healing process.