In KindCare Medical Center our main goal is to keep your natural smile healthy for long time, but if tooth is damaged by decay or trauma and it can’t be restored by filling of root canal you will have to undergo a surgical removal of the tooth, sometimes the tooth is removed for orthodontic reasons to free space in case of crowding.
Surgical procedures in KindCare Dental Clinic are Simple extractions, Wisdom tooth extraction, Dental implants, Bone grafting.

Wisdom Tooth extraction
Wisdom tooth is the third molar, the last tooth to erupt and usually, it doesn’t have much space in the dental arch, wisdom teeth don’t participate in chewing and it’s hard to get them cleaned properly at home since they are in the back.
Removal of the Wisdom tooth can be done under local anesthesia and it requires one appointment. It can be a simple extraction or a complex, depending on the situation of the tooth, the impacted teeth will need more surgical interaction to be removed.
Before and after any dental surgery a special protocol will be given to you by our dentists to make sure that the healing takes places normally and with less discomfort.