If you have missing teeth the traditional dentures are not your only option.

Our Implantologist can replace what you have lost with incredible results that both look and feel like natural teeth. It will improve chewing and speaking, and the best part, it is permanent.


What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are fixed, long term tooth replacement that made of two parts titanium post with an attached restoration (crown, bridge) basically the functional part those two parts are connected by so-called abutment.

Candidates for dental implants

Since the implant has to be placed in the jaw thus the ideal candidate has to have sufficient jaw bone density for support, an overall good health condition and have good healthy gum support. During your initial appointment, our Implantologist will exam your oral health and will determine if an implant is a good option for you.

Some patients with inadequate bone density will have to undergo Bone grafting to add jawbone.

Dental implant options:

  • Single-tooth implant
  • Multiple teeth implant
  • Implant denture

What happens during a dental implant procedure?

During your consultation, the Implantologist will exam the jaws and the condition of your gums. After he will discuss the goal of the IMPLANT. A Panoramic X-ray a small parallel X-ray and CBCT might be needed depending on the case.

Typically the procedure will take Two stages the surgical procedure followed by the placement of the finished restoration.

Thin titanium or zirconium rod is placed in the jawbone in the area of a missing tooth it serves as an artificial root for the replacement tooth. Around three to six months after implantation the implant should be fused to the bone and became a permanent part of your body after a custom made crown should be placed to restore the function of the missing tooth.

No special cleaning or procedure should be done at home for you to maintain your implant, you should brush and floss as usual and go to your regular dental checkups and cleanings.