At KindCare medical Center we avoid chemicals as much as possible; we clean with eco-friendly, non-scented materials, and staff does not use perfume or other synthetic fragrances.

In our dental department’s Nitrile gloves and non-latex rubber dam are used to avoid reactions in patients allergic to Latex.

We have some special instruments without metal for people that have metal sensitivity or have reacted to dental instruments in the past. Please let us know if that is your case when you make the appointment and we will have those ready to use for your dental procedure.

Our dental nurses and assistances disinfect and sterilize all our instruments, burs and hand pieces in individual packages after each use. We use Sirona X-ray machine with the lowest radiation exposure possible.

We want our patients to feel comfortable and safe from overexposure to chemicals and synthetic fragrances when they are in our Clinic.