Dr. Vanda J. Corbett

Professional Experience:

Dr. Vanda Graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in the year 2004, from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa USA which was the first school of chiropractic in the world established in the year 1897 by Daniel David Palmer who is Founder of Chiropractic.

She also holds Masters of Science in Positive Psychology from Life University, Marietta, Georgia, USA

Dr. Vanda is the former President of the Emirates Chiropractic Association serving two terms from 2016-2019. In addition, she is a member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, American National Board of Chiropractic, Member of Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors.

Also, she is Recepient of the of Mabel Heath Palmer Women Chiropractor of the Year Award 2010 . Dr. Vanda enjoys taking care of people of all ages including pregnant ladies, babies through to the elderly. She is passionate about bringing well being, health and freedom from pain through Chiropractic Care and emotional support through Positive Psychology to her patients.

Her Chiropractic adjustment approach is very unique as she provides personalized care to all her patients.

Dr. Vanda is an expert in Chiropractic adjustments of the spine & extremities the soft tissues to help your ailments. In addition to the therapies, the treatment procedure also includes lifestyle and health counseling. She is an expert in the field of alternative spinal healthcare and holds extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. She is well mastered in handling multiple techniques of chiropractics, including Gonstead, Diversified, Activator, Cox Flexion/Distraction, Thompson and Extremity Adjusting.

Languages Spoken: English


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a form of natural medicine that uses hands-on spinal adjustments and other treatments to remedy musculoskeletal conditions, particularly muscles, joints, bones, connective tissue, and the spine.

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Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is commonly defined as the scientific approach of studying human thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that focuses on strengths and determining what makes life worth living.

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