Since schools bring large numbers of students and staff together, prudence dictates that as in any workplace a School Healthcare system must be in place to deal with such issues as First Aid, Medical Emergencies, and Detection of Contagious Conditions that could spread a group situation.

Unlike other workplaces, however, a School Healthcare system must also be established in schools to provide routine administration of medications, since students especially young students may not be able to assume this responsibility themselves, and concern for substance abuse has led to policies in most schools that prohibit older students from administrating their own medication.

School Healthcare to special education students require that schools provide the services necessary for these students to receive an appropriate education. Such services might include Monitoring Vital Signs, Changing Dressings, Catheterization, Tube Feeding, or Administering Oxygen etc. The school must also provide services to non-special education students with chronic health problems such as asthma, diabetes, and seizures in order that they can be educated. Services such as screenings and immunizations are also widely accepted as belonging in the schools, with the motivation having to do more with access, efficiency, and economies of scale than with liability.

KindCare School Healthcare following seven goals of a school health program :

  • Goal1 Ensure access to primary school health care.
  • Goal2 Provide a system for dealing with crisis medical situations.
  • Goal3 Provide mandated screening and immunization monitoring.
  • Goal4 Provide systems for identification and solution of students' health and educational problems.
  • Goal5 Provide comprehensive and appropriate health education.
  • Goal6 Provide a healthful and safe school environment that facilitates learning.
  • Goal7 Provide school events health & safety with right medical professionals and event management plan reflects the risks associated with the event and on the day.

Health Services Provided in the Schools by KindCare School Healthcare:

  • Administer first aid
  • Ambulance Services
  • Urgent Care
  • Parents &Student educational health programs
  • Health warning day events
  • Administer medication
  • Provide screening (height/weight) vision, hearing
  • Child abuse evaluation and follow-up
  • Evaluate emotional or behavioral problems
  • Monitor vital signs
  • Clean and change dressings
  • Health component of Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • Case management for chronic health problems
  • Provide nutritional counseling
  • Provide mental health counseling
  • Conduct cardiovascular screenings
  • Provide complex nursing care to students with special needs
  • Employee wellness programs
  • Physical fitness screenings
  • Perform urinary catheterizations
  • Conduct health risk appraisals to determine life-style practices
  • Process worker's compensation claims
  • Provide immunizations at school
  • Physical exams
  • Provide family counseling
  • Tube feedings
  • Irrigations
  • Perform dental services
  • Conduct alcohol and drug screenings
  • Health component of Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)
  • Administer or monitor oxygen
  • Provide alcohol and drug treatment
  • Provide physicals, other primary health care services for school employees
  • Provide prenatal care
  • Collect and test blood samples
  • Throat cultures
  • Provide prenatal testing
  • Other…