On Site

Medical Clinics

What are KindCare Onsite Medical Clinics ?

KindCare Onsite Medical bring an Integrated Medical Clinics directly into your workplace to Maintaining a good Health & Safety. KindCare will save You and Your Employees, Guests & Costumers time and money while improving overall Health and Wellness.

Depending on your unique business needs, our OnSite Medical Clinics can provide a variety of services, including but not limiting:

  • Multispecialty Doctors Exams
  • Occupational Health
  • Injury Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Preventive Care
  • Physical therapy
  • Massages Therapy
  • Wellness services
  • Immunizations
  • Emergency Care 24/7
  • Ambulance Service 24/7

We collaborate with Industries of all sizes and types, Independently Owned and Operated Enterprises, to Governmental Entities. We welcome the opportunity to tell you about our experience with them !

  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy
  • Government Departments & Projects
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics – Land, Air, Rail and Sea
  • Manufacturing
  • Food services
  • Chemicals industry
  • Hospitality