"Occupational Health deals with all aspects of health and safety in the workplace and has a strong focus on primary prevention of hazards". (WHO)

KindCare prides itself in serving businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to multinational corporations with thousands of employees. We take the time to thoroughly understand employers' and employees' needs, and we develop customised programs that benefit both.

The practice of having an occupational health policy ensures that workplaces and work practices are safe and not detrimental to employees health, and ensures that employees are fit for the job they are practicing.

KindCare Occupational Health Provider has extensive experience helping businesses reduce injuries, lower costs, and promote a safe workplace. On-site at your location, or at one of our state-of-the-art Medical Clinics Facilities, we can meet all of your occupational and industrial medicine needs.

At KindCare physician can be officially named your "company physician." This allows for 24/7 access, including after-hours case management.

KindCare Occupational Medicine treats most job-related injuries and illnesses and knows how to get employees back to work safely and quickly as soon as possible. Our physicians can provide your company with an objective medical evaluation to determine an employee's medical condition. We can manage all the employees medical conditions including complete action plans and assessments.

Our strategy lets our clients concentrate on their core business competencies while being entitled to a prompt, appropriate, cost-effective and quality healthcare. A patient-centric approach assures them of the safest and best possible treatment options for their employees, regular training and support.