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Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment

KindCare is the First Integrative and Personalized Medicine Healthcare Provider in Dubai.

We are Trusted – We are Recommended since 2010 for the following healthcare industry’s:

  1. Multispeciality Polyclinic in Dubai
  2. Doctors On Call 24/7/365 at your place Home/Hotel/Office
  3. Ambulance Services 24/7/365
KindCare Awards:

“Best Clinic in Dubai, for the Whole Family in Dubai” winner in nominations and awarded by the Princess of Dubai,

‘’Best Healthcare Provider for the Russian-speaking community and diaspora in the UAE’’ Yearly winner and awarded in the above category.

KindCare Home Care in Dubai is ‘’The First Integrative and Personalized Medicine Healthcare Provider in Dubai’’ Integrative and Personalized Medicine, deservedly called in the Healthcare industry the ’’Medicine of the Future

Our Experts working HAND In HAND, bringing the highest-quality of Integrative Medicine approaches from different cultures around the world with blend of harmony between :
Evidence-based Medicine and Alternative Medicine (Conventional & Complementary).

We Focus: On early identifying and treating underlying causes of disease rather than the symptoms.
We Provide: Fast, Save and Effective evidence-based Personalized & Integrative Medicine Treatments, tailored individually for your WELLBEING…

‘’KindCare – unique integrative medicine solution for all the health conditions in all ages.”

Good Doctors cure diseases, excellent Doctors prevent diseases!

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KindCare Management

Our Multispeciality Integrative Medicine Specialists focus on preventing, identifying and treating the root causes of disease, not the symptoms.

Our specialists provide evidence-based, personalized integrative treatments tailored to your health and well-being at any age, successfully combining Evidence-Based Medicine with Alternative Medicine (Traditional with Complementary Medicine).

We also offer  Emergency Response services, House Call  24/7 and  Emergency Medical Services  24/7

KindCare Clinic provides Doctor on call services to your home, office, and hotels 24/7. A team of licensed medical professionals provide personalized home health services 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Arrival time within 30* minutes.

After a detailed examination, our Specialists will make the correct diagnosis and draw up an appropriate treatment plan on the spot.

In addition, we provide medical certificates, a medical report, an insurance form, a prescription for medications, as well as delivery of medications from a pharmacy directly to your home.

KindCare 24-hour emergency medical service provides transportation, support for industrial, construction projects and public events, services for events and events (social, sports, entertainment, exhibitions or conferences), sports matches and celebrations, labor camps and shopping centers, occupational safety and health management and industrial safety, evacuation support, stabilization and management of remote medical clinics, school health services, etc.

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