Immunology is a branch of medicine which specially studies our body’s immunity. Immunity is the natural or acquired ability of the human body to fight against a pathogen, called antigen, through the establishment of appropriate immune defenses. You can improve your immunity and body defenses through vaccination, so that you will prevent diseases: the goal of KindCare Medical Center vaccinations. We strongly believe it’s much easier and more cost-effective to prevent a disease than to treat it. That’s exactly what immunization aim to do.

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Adults vaccination

KindCare Medical Center has the ability to help you develop your immune system through studies and vaccination, at all stages of your life.

Children vaccination

Vaccinations can help protect your child from serious diseases caused by germs. The vaccination teaches your child’s immune system to recognize and fight specific germs so that when they are exposed to them, he or she has a much lower risk of getting sick.

Some vaccines for children need a series of doses (usually 2 to 4 doses) to reach their full effectiveness. This is called a “primary series.” For some vaccines, a “booster” dose is needed months or years after the primary dose(s) to refresh the immune system’s memory and maintain protection. If your child misses a vaccine dose, they’ll need “catch-up” doses (also called “supplemental” doses) to ensure that they are protected. Your child may also need a catch-up dose if a new vaccine becomes available after your child has already passed the age when it is normally given.

To get the maximum protection that vaccines have to offer, your child needs to have all doses of the recommended childhood vaccinations on time. Talk to your child’s doctor at KindCare Medical Center about which vaccinations your child needs and when they should receive them to get full vaccine coverage.

Travelers: obtain your passport to good health with KindCare!

Be a safe traveler – determine your vaccination needs and get the appropriate immunization before you embark on your trip.

We strongly encourage that you consult our doctors for travel health advice regarding vaccinations required or recommended for your destination about 4-6 weeks before departure.

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