The postpartum period is a time for deep rest & rejuvenation. Through the intense process of birth, the body is weak, the tissues are severely depleted & the digestion impaired. New mothers are as delicate as their newborns at this time. This period is a potpourri of happiness & contentment, on one hand & physical & mental fatigue due to delivery, on the other hand. To overcome these Ayurveda has described “Sutika Paricharya” i.e. Post Natal Regimen.


Full body massage with warm ayurvedic medicinal oil given to the postpartum after a week from delivery. Abhyanga is important for healing and rejuvenation of a woman during postnatal period. The herbal oil massage soothes nervous system and endocrine system, releases endorphins (the feel good hormones) which improves both physical & mental well being, thus reducing stress. Thus abhyanga will help facilitate the organs & connective tissues return to their pre pregnancy condition & will soothe vata that have manifested themselves in abundance after the birth. Warm oil massage is soothing & is very important to be done daily in the post partum period. It helps to reduce stretch marks, improve the circulation, enhance heath of the skin, reshape the body, improve sleep, reduce swelling & pain, nurtures positive feelings and balance the hormone level.

Kashaya Dhara

Kashaya Dhara is pouring of lukewarm medicated herbal water in a continuous stream for the full body or forehead. It helps to reduce the alleviating fatigue, insomnia and depression. After delivery, the mother needs good care and attention to restore the energy to prevent post natal complications. This postnatal therapy that only use time tested and effective Ayurvedic herbal decoctions which helps along with abhyanga to nurse the mother’s body back to normalcy. It help in toning the muscles & cure the body aches and pains & also whole post natal programme correct the mother’s digestion and metabolism.

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