Ozone, medicine of the future is an incredible solution for all chronic & general diseases and for those who wants to increase the immune system and maintain good health.

Ozone treats effectively:

  • Rheumatic diseases, Chronic Arthritis,
  • Diabetes and Diabetic foot,
  • Chronic colitis,
  • Cardiovascular Diseases,
  • Respiratory Diseases,
  • Cerebrovascular diseases, Peripheral Ischemic Vascular disease,
  • Gastrointestinal diseases,
  • Hepatitis A-B-C,
  • Immune system stimulation,
  • Addictions,
  • Fatigue, mental & physical stress and much more…

Ozone therapy also inhibits the activity of viruses, kills some other Viruses, fungus, parasites, 100% kills Bacteria (bacteriacide) and fights Cancer Cells!

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone Therapy is a natural and effective way to treat diseases and purify the whole body. It uses Ozone, a very active and reactive form of Oxygen to increase the amount of Oxygen in the body and therefore activate cell regeneration.

Its powerful oxidizing properties kill bacteria, deactivate viruses and take long lasting toxins away.

Ozone restores the body’s ability to produce good energy, improves metabolism, boost the immune system, controls cancer cells at first and second stage of the disease process and improves complications of chemotherapy.

With oxygen being such an important attribute to the body’s healing process, Ozone Therapy is found to be useful with a huge number of health conditions. No side effects and no complications.

What is the process?

Ozone Application by different methods according to the disease.

    • Autohemotherapy (Major & Minor).
    • Injections (Cervical, Lumbar and Joint).
    • Rectal and vaginal insufflation.
    • Subcutaneous and intramuscular injection.
    • Local dressing (Diabetic ulcer).
    • Ozone olive oil.
    • Ozone colon hydrotherapy.
  • Ozone Sauna.

Major Autohemotherapy (blood transfusion).

The most used technique, blood is drawn from the patient, exposed to Ozone and re-injected into the patient using our special Medozon machine. The procedure will expose unhealthy cells, bacteria and viruses to the ozone in the whole body, which will essentially destroy them. The healthy cells will begin to regenerate.

Minor Autohemotherapy

Involves removing a small amount of blood into a syringe that has been preloaded with a small amount of ozone. The blood and ozone are mixed in the syringe and then it is re-injected three finger-breadth above the iliac crest.

Cavity Insufflation.

Ozone is directly injected via Rectal or Vaginal insufflations.

Joint injection.

Ozone is injected directly into the joints of the patient.

Transdermal Subcutaneous injections.

Ozone is injected under the skin with special needles.

Ozonated Water.

Water is exposed to Ozone. The ozonated water is stored in a bottle to keep refrigerated, for maximum 3 days.

Ozonated water should be drunk on an empty stomach for optimal results. It can be also used to treat Chronic Sinusitis, as “nasal drops” or mouth wash/gargle for any mouth infection.

Ozonated water is also used in the dressing of diabetic foot.