Hair Reduction (Mixed Technology).

KindCare Medical Center uses a gold standard in laser hair removal – the machine with unique combination of two advanced laser technologies – Alexandrite 755 nm and ND:YAG 1064, to ensure maximum efficiency, safety and permanent hair reduction of all hair types and color, all skin types, even tanned! The procedure is comfortable, pain-free, due to our high quality external cooling device, which calms the skin. 

Skin Resurfacing (MixT Technology).
For non-invasive skin correction solutions, come to KindCare Medical Center in Dubai, who has brought in the newest technology Italian laser machine, which is one of a kind in the world. This unique laser with advanced combined CO2 and fractional laser technology gives the patient outstanding results without limitations and with minimal downtime. Instead of usual downtime post CO2 laser skin resurfacing, you will get the same benefit within 3 recovery days only. Just in one session, we provide remarkable rejuvenation results, such as improving facial lines and wrinkles and firming as well by collagen growth.

Discoloration Correction (MixT Technology).

Are you stressed by your pigmentation marks (freckles, sun spots, age spots, post-inflammatory spots)? Our laser specialist can help you, even for your skin tone.

Scars Reduction (MixT Technology).

You can regain your lost confidence at KindCare, as we can dramatically improve the appearance of scars of any kind, raised or deep (post acne scars or injury, surgical scars).

Large Pores Solution (MixT Technology).

Got oily skin or T-zone with big, open pores? Our laser specialist can assist you with that, in order to achieve and maintain the desired pores reduction.

Stretch Marks Cure (MixT Technology).

Have you lost weight or been pregnant? Come to KindCare to get back in shape! You can have all your stretch marks treated with our newest laser device!