Hair Reduction (Mixed Technology).

hair reductionKindCare Medical Center uses a gold standard in laser hair removal – the machine with unique combination of two advanced laser technologies – Alexandrite 755 nm and ND:YAG 1064, to ensure maximum efficiency, safety and permanent hair reduction of all hair types and color, all skin types, even tanned! The procedure is comfortable, pain-free, due to our high quality external cooling device, which calms the skin.

Hair Bleaching (Q-switched Laser).

Our Q-switched system reveals astonishing aesthetic results, such as fading away hairs in bleaching mode (the hair shaft becomes invisible, as it is colorless,transparent and shrinks in size as well).  After several session, a great reduction in thickness and density of hairs becomes obvious and long lasting. The above mentioned laser option is the only way of hair reduction on baby hairs. Regarding thick or medium hairs, the same laser device can be used as a state of art in eyebrows’ shaping.

Our  Q-switch system can deliver a square shape laser beam instead of the usual round one. This gives us the ability of shaping eyebrows in any design required by the patient, as only such a shape of laser beam can bleach each & every piece of hair, one by one.

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