How it works?

The curative properties of fango paraffin proceed from the joint effect of the sea mud formed in the ancient times (Posidonian slate) and pure paraffin. High thermal capacity and the volume of the heat energy guarantee the efficiency of the heat treatment. Through the action of the heat, the capillaries in the skin widen and the lymphatic and blood circulation are improved. The effects of the sea mud are similar to those of paraffin. In addition, sea mud acts as a thermal, physical and chemical irritant. It is a popular cellulite treatment and a nourishing skin treatment.

In a summary:

  • Dramatically reduces cellulite and reduces water retention
  • Detoxifies and tones tissues
  • Trims inches off the body and burns up to 4,000 calories (based on a 5 treatment series)

Its effect comes from the thermal properties of paraffin and the detoxifying effects of the mud. It can treat:

  • Chronic neurological diseases,
  • Diseases of the joints and deformations due to muscle traumas.
  • Relieves tense muscles before massage is applied and improves the mobility of the joints.
  • Cellulite and speeding up the loss of inches

During the treatment, the warm Parafango stimulates the lymphatic flow in the body and draws out toxins from around the fat cells, resulting in immediate, noticeable results.

Instruction before treatment:

Prior to being treated, people are advised to refrain from eating fried foods both before and after the application of Parafango. Lotion should not be used on the day of application. A minimum of 2 liters of water should be consumed throughout the day of treatment as well.

AREA TREATED: Both Face and Body

TREATMENT TIME: Face: 20 min; Full Body: 45 min

RESULTS. Differences can be seen and felt after just 1 treatment; however a series of 10 is recommended for optimum and long lasting  results Patients continue to see an improvement in their skin up to three months after the completion of the treatment course.

NO OF TREATMENTS: Body 8-10 Treatments


Recommended maintenance treatment: once or twice each month.

Contraindications for fango paraffin treatment: feverish conditions, tuberculosis, cardiovascular insufficiency and hypertension, stages of acute inflammation.

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