Teeth Whitening

Let’s all agree that teeth whiting became one of most popular dental procedures, it can be done by different techniques and products from using tooth paste to using whitening gels

In KindCare Medical Center we use home whitening kits and in-office whitening, both from the brand Zoom Philips, one of the best and the safest systems available in the market.

The home whitening gel can be of two types, the so called Day white which contains hydrogen peroxide and can be given in different concentration depending on the condition of the teeth, lifestyle and your preference, while the Nite-white contains carbamide peroxide which is softer and can be worn overnight.

How it Works?

At your first appointment the dentist should examine your teeth and discus with you all the available options of teeth whitening after you choose with the help of your dentist the most adequate method of take-home whitening, the dentist will take for you impressions to manufacture the customized trays. We also recommend your teeth to be professionally cleaned to obtain the best results.

At your second appointment the dentist will deliver your customized trays the whitening gel and will explain for you how to use them at home, instructions will also be given to you.

How to Make the Results Last For Longer?

To maintain the results for as long as you desire, you should maintain a good nutrition home hygiene and visit your dentist regularly for checkups and dental hygiene.