Whether you want to straighten your teeth or to correct your bite, whether you are looking for orthodontic treatment for your child or for yourself, our dentists are more than happy to help you choose the proper treatment plan.

Orthodontic appliances used in our clinic:

  • Removable dental braces
  • Fixed (metallic and the ceramic)
  • Clear aligners (Invisalign)
  • Retainers (traditional, essix)


Invisalign is the worlds most advanced clear aligners, it’s a removable custom made transparent trays that can straighten your teeth more predictably and more comfortably

Why choose Invisalign?

  • You can see the results before having the treatment.
  • It’s very comfortable you need to take them out for eating and sports.
  • It’s easier to clean: all you have to do is to take them out and do your regular home hygiene.
  • You can track your progress in the treatment plan every visit with your dentist.
  • The best part it’s nearly invisible.