Intravenous Dental Care

We are thrilled to offer a series of IV Therapy solutions in our Clinic. While oral nutrient supplements are a great daily option, there is nothing that can compare to IV Nutrient Therapy, delivering more potent doses of nutrients more quickly, so you can feel better faster. Along with our vitamin boosts, we also offer IV detox and chelating therapies.

IV Vitamin Infusions

If you want to slow the aging process from the inside-out, then IV vitamin infusions offer a great option to flood your body with antioxidants. This IV treatment helps to boost your immune system by injecting a fusion of vitamins and minerals, helping to push vitamins directly into the bloodstream to improve absorption (compared to oral vitamins).

IV vitamin infusions offer anti-inflammatory properties and they can also be helpful to boost collagen production.

Key ingredients in vitamin therapy include B vitamins, selenium, zinc, vitamin C, amino acids, glutathione, and more. These necessary vitamins can be supportive in improving the condition of the Gums and Teeth resiliency, boosting hydration, and optimizing overall health and wellness.

Chelating Therapy

Chelation is a treatment that aims to remove heavy metals in the body that could be causing toxicity and health issues. Special medication is administered through an IV. The medication binds to the metals in your blood, which are then removed through the natural elimination functions in the body when you use the bathroom.

This treatment was originally developed to treat heavy metal poisoning. Today, the use of chelation is recommended for a variety of health concerns related to heavy metals. In Dentistry our patients might be exposed to copper, lead, mercury (from amalgams), old dental filling Metal Titanium implants, metal infused porcelain bridges, and unsafe amalgam removal. Researchers have suggested that heavy metals in the body can speed up the aging process and lead to serious health conditions.

For best results, a course of Chelating Therapy treatments can be used. The body can only detoxify a limited amount of heavy metals in each session, which is why the most effective

IV Detox Therapy

An overload of toxins in the body can take a toll on health, aging, memory, and energy levels. If you find that you are having a hard time making it through the day with vitality and energy that you desire, then IV Detox Therapy might be a treatment to consider.

Detoxification helps to reduce the toxic load and support your liver at the same time. Nutritional therapy provides the support that is needed so the liver can function optimally, helping to clear out waste and unwanted materials in the body. The detoxification process allows the body to capture and bind toxic substances so they can be eliminated through natural cleansing systems.

All those therapies will boost the function of your detoxifying organs will help to stimulate overall health including the health of your gums and teeth and . This treatment process is designed to stimulate the natural healing after wisdom tooth extraction or after an implant for better recovery. This inside-out approach can have a positive impact on many aspects of your life.