Laughing Gas (Dental Sedation)

  • Eliminate dental fear and anxiety
  • Little or no memory of treatment
  • Pain free dental treatment
  • Saving appointment time

A big number of people are so nervous and fearful of going to the dentist, many of them don’t go at all. This fear can have a big impact on your oral health and overall well being, as well as keeping you away from having your better looking smile.

Sedation is used with kids since it doesn’t require injection and it’s a very simple technique, if your little ones have already dental fear from previous experiences or if they are too young to sit still we can comfort them with dental sedation to make their experience pleasant.

In KindCare Medical Center we offer you and your kids sedation dentistry to relief from your dental anxiety and make your appointments painless, with our sedation the time you spend with us can be comfortable, relaxing and even pleasant.