Dental Ozone Therapy

Ozone is made of three oxygen atoms. It is an anti-inflammatory and has strong disinfectant properties, and therefore it is a great natural therapy to address infections commonly seen in the oral cavity.

Ozone enhances gum treatment, root canals, extractions, and even cavity prevention. Ozone therapy improves the state of the gums while reducing the unhealthy pressures on the overall system.

In our clinic, we are irrigating with ozonated water along with scaling the teeth, by this we are eliminating pathogens and stopping the patient from swallowing them. In periodontal diseases the ozone can be used in both liquid and oil forms ,by injecting it to the inflamed gums it respond with increase blood flow and healing this method is safe and efficacious, with no toxicity or side effect. In Root Canal treatments we use ozonated water instead of the conventional chemicals; it also can be used in small cavities to inhibit from degenerating and getting deeper.

Instead of using fluoride we are using ozonated trays with habit adjustment and proper nutrition we can stop cavities from getting deeper especially with kids. Patients can purchase the Ozonated water and can use it at home after their dental treatments.

We are using the Herrmann Medozon to get the ozonated water and we are certified by Dubai Health Authority to use it.