Chelating Therapy

Chelation is a treatment that aims to remove heavy metals in the body that could be causing toxicity and health issues. Special medication is administered through an IV. The medication binds to the metals in your blood, which are then removed through the natural elimination functions in the body when you use the bathroom.

This treatment was originally developed to treat heavy metal poisoning. Today, the use of chelation is recommended for a variety of health concerns related to heavy metals. In Dentistry our patients might be exposed to copper, lead, mercury (from amalgams), old dental filling Metal Titanium implants, metal infused porcelain bridges, and unsafe amalgam removal. Researchers have suggested that heavy metals in the body can speed up the aging process and lead to serious health conditions.

For best results, a course of Chelating Therapy treatments can be used. The body can only detoxify a limited amount of heavy metals in each session, which is why the most effective